Largest Recipe Search Engine, Recipe Finder Launched

Launched recently is a new recipe search engine – Recipe Finder. The site currently boasts of around 1.7 million recipes plus more than 700,000 images in its database. If those are not too many for you, well I don’t know what is. The recipe search engine covers tons of recipes worldwide. I mean, you can search for recipes for European cuisine, American cuisine, French and more. Heck, you can even find various recipes for Chicken Tinola or Chicken Adobo from Recipe Finder.

Design-wise, Recipe Finder is very pleasing to the eyes which is how all food-based sites should be. It’s one of those sites which will compel you to linger on longer because the site’s theme color won’t distract your browsing experience. In other words, the site’s design is as appetizing as the photos of the recipes that you’ll find there.

You’ll also love the way the site displays individual recipe entries – simple, helpful and informative as well. I appreciate the fact that the site specifically displays calorie counters for individual recipes. This goes well for those who are on strict diet plan but still want to enjoy a sumptous and appetizing meal.

I won’t make this post too long since I know you’re dying to get to the site. So, the next time you’re in need of a good recipe to prepare for you family, or if you want to impress your girlfriend, check out the Recipe Finder. Here’s the link to Recipe Finder.

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Google Zeitgeist 2010 in Video

If you’re like me who “lives on the internet,” so to speak – you’ve got to watch this video put up by Google.  It’s the annual Google Zeitgeist, and for 2010 Google decided to create a Zeitgeist year-end video. It’s cool and if you’ve been living on the web for the past year, you’d feel kind of nostalgic while watching this as i did. Hit that read more link before you can watch the Google Zeitgeist video.

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