With WeChat’s WeReward, all one has to do is make a video/voice call on WeChat and get greatdeals such as Lazada’s Php100 voucher (with no minimum purchase) and Free entrance plus freedrink on your favorite clubbing destinations, Raven and URBN. All these for FREE just by usingWeReward.

Mobile social communications app WeChat is taking the term “reward” to a whole new level with its WeReward program by partnering with some of the Philippine’s biggest brands, like the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination,; the easiest and most fun online ordering and delivery app, Foodpanda; superclubs Urbn & Raven, and the ultimate in wearables and running apps, Runtastic, to enable its loyal users to take full advantage of their promos without having to pay a centavo!

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Instagram video longer than Vine and with filters, is this good or bad?

instagram video

Facebook today has updated Instagram for both iOS and Android. The updated mobile app now has the facility to capture video up to 15 seconds in duration. This is of course a direct hit on the getting-to-be-popular Vine video sharing site. Vine video is good only for 6 seconds and yet power users have maximize that length to come up with interesting video snippets. Now, what more if you’re allowed 15 seconds?

The 9-minutes difference between Vine and Instagram video means a lot. With 15 seconds video, you can make more interesting and meaningful video clips. What’s not certain is whether Instagram power users, those who prefer their photo sharing site to remains for photos only, will appreciate the addition of video on Instagram.

But hey, it’s too early to tell. Let’s give Instagram video a chance. It looks great, works great. And it even comes with 15 filters that you can use on your video to make it even more interesting.

The updated Instagram for iOS and Android is available now from their respective app markets. Check it out and tell me how you find it so far.

Here’s a sample video:

Embedly Powered

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3rd International Conference of Asian Special Libraries ICoASL 2013

icoasl2013 photo 1It’s been a long time since I last attended a local conference related to my profession, librarianship. So, the organizers of the just concluded 3rd International Conference of Asian Libraries or ICoASL 2013 ought to feel honored because I attended their conference (just kidding!). Anyway, the ICoASL was organized by the Asian Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP). The ASLP of course always have a special place in my librarian’s heart because I used to serve the Association a long time ago. In fact, they were the first librarian’s group who awarded me with a plaque of appreciation for my good deeds for them.

Anyway, going back to ICoASL, I would have to commend the chair of the organizing committee, Ms. Shirley Ingles-Cruz and Mr. Yap, president of ASLP for coming up with such a prestigious gig. It’s very seldom that you’ll find international speakers and delegates conggregate in our beloved country for a conference such as the ICoASL 2013. I’m also fortunate to have been sponsored by my company to attend the said conference together with some of my colleagues.

You can find more information about ICoASL 2013 through their blog which I believe was setup by the Filipino Librarian himself, Director Vernon Totanes. The blog’s address is You can find the presentations of the speakers for the plenary sessions in the blog.

All of the resource speakers during the Plenary Sessions delivered very good papers. But I can’t say the same for some of the speakers and the papers presented during the breakout sessions. But, their efforts for coming up with their respective studies are still commendable nonetheless.

So, once again. Congratulations to all the librarians who worked hard to stage the ICoASL 2013 and I’m looking forward to attending the next conference happening in 2015. Hopefully by then, I could come up with a good paper to submit for the conference.

Meanwhile, here are some more photos I took during the conference. Sorry for the picture quality because I was just using my iPhone, S3 and iPad’s cameras to take these photos.
icoasl2013 photo 4
icoasl2013 photo 3


icoasl2013 photo 2


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Is Social Media Marketing Still Relevant Today?

With Twitter, Google+ and Facebook already part of the online world’s daily routines, I can’t help but wonder whether there’s still room for social media marketing and the companies that deliver such services. I remember when I was still active in the search engine scene, the “in-thing” back then was of course – search engine marketing. Still remember SEM? I’m sure you do. Or perhaps many of you still engage in such activities.

So how about Social Media Marketing? Is it still relevant today, with the exponentially growing popularity of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as the media for product or service marketing and advertising. I mean, anyone can engage into product/service marketing for brands. All you have to do is to create an account for your brand in any of the mentioned social networking sites, gather your followers and then start formualating marketing strategies with the hopes that each of your followers share your marketing ploy and eventually lead to more followers for your social networking accounts.

Social Media Marketing has become a simpler task for brand promotion. Unlike before where your company has to vie for worthiness in search engine algorithms to get the premium spots in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM as compared with Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a more complex task.

So the question now is, does social media marketing companies has a place in the social media scene? What I mean by social media marketing companies are those that offer services that puts premium to your ad campaigns keywords and promote them on various social media sites as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can find many social media marketing companies just by simply searching for the right keyword on Google. For example, try searching for keybrokersocial and you’ll find a good example of social media marketing companies.

Try checking out these companies and see whether their services are still useful for your brands. Then you can leave a comment here to answer my question – Is Social Media Marketing still relevant today?


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Facebook for is iPad Finally Out, Looks Great!

Finally, after several months of waiting, Facebook has officially released its much awaited Facebook for iPad app. The official Facebook blog has announced it and the official product page on Facebook is also live now. If you have previously installed the Facebook iPhone app on your iPad, you’ll see the iPad app as an update. Tap on the update button and your existing installation will be updated into the iPad version.

Here’s the Facebook for iPad News Feed view

Facebook for iPad Notifications tab

Facebook for iPad Profile view

Facebook for iPad photo gallery

Facebook for iPad update status


Overall, the long wait is truly worth it. Facebook has successfully created an iPad app that essentially captured all the things that you’ll look for in a mobile version of

Get Facebook for iPad now, folks!


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Largest Recipe Search Engine, Recipe Finder Launched

Launched recently is a new recipe search engine – Recipe Finder. The site currently boasts of around 1.7 million recipes plus more than 700,000 images in its database. If those are not too many for you, well I don’t know what is. The recipe search engine covers tons of recipes worldwide. I mean, you can search for recipes for European cuisine, American cuisine, French and more. Heck, you can even find various recipes for Chicken Tinola or Chicken Adobo from Recipe Finder.

Design-wise, Recipe Finder is very pleasing to the eyes which is how all food-based sites should be. It’s one of those sites which will compel you to linger on longer because the site’s theme color won’t distract your browsing experience. In other words, the site’s design is as appetizing as the photos of the recipes that you’ll find there.

You’ll also love the way the site displays individual recipe entries – simple, helpful and informative as well. I appreciate the fact that the site specifically displays calorie counters for individual recipes. This goes well for those who are on strict diet plan but still want to enjoy a sumptous and appetizing meal.

I won’t make this post too long since I know you’re dying to get to the site. So, the next time you’re in need of a good recipe to prepare for you family, or if you want to impress your girlfriend, check out the Recipe Finder. Here’s the link to Recipe Finder.

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Photovine is the New Instagram, Well Sort of

Google-owned Photovine has just opened up to the public. It was previously on closed beta and the only way you can get in is if Google likes you enough and hand you down an invite. Well, that was before. Right now if you install the Photovine iPhone app, you can now sign up and enjoy vining.

But wait, what is Photovine again? Well, it’s a photo sharing app just like Instagram, PicPlz and others where social networking is done by sharing with the world how good of a photographer you are. If you’re familiar with Instagram you will be able to adapt to Photovine easily. Unlike Instagram though, Photovine doesn’t have those cool photo editing presets that you can apply to your photos before sharing them

But unlike Instagram, Photovine has more sense and directions because you just don’t upload and share photos for the sake of displaying your iPhone photography skills. You upload and share photos based on a central theme that you think others will be able to understand and follow by uploading their photos aligned with the theme.

So for example, you can start a new vine about your daily gadgets, take a photo of your gadgets, upload it to Photovine, tag and describe and wait for other users to upload photos of their gadgets as well. Soon enough, you’ll see your vine grows.

Photovine as it is right now is a pretty promising mobile app. It may or may not kill Instagram depending on how far Google will want to push this app. The app still has some more rooms for improvement. One feature that I will really like to see is of course the photo editing facility, because come to think of it, iPhone photos as they are may not be too enticing. Photo presets add more vibrance and flair.

Photovine is available now as a free download from the App Store.

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Google+ is Shaking Up the Social Media Sphere

If I remember it correctly, it’s almost two weeks now (or more?) since Google has introduced its social networking service, Google+. As of today, there are probably more than 18 million users of Google+ already. And Google has yet to release this to the public. The more than 18 million Google+ users just grew through the “by-invitation” process that Google employed to build the Google+ userbase. Hence, at the growth that it is growing, the social media has suddenly shaken up by Google+.

Many were not expecting Google’s social networking service would be quite a hit. Many thought it will be just like Google Wave and Google Buzz which never really took off. But then, the inevitable happened – Google managed to successfully launch a new social networking service which in time will give Facebook and Twitter, two of the most popular social networking/social media services a run for their money.

Gradually, Google+ is carving its niche in the social media sphere. Although it’s still not allowed, several businesses have sneaked in and managed to create an account for their companies. Can you imagine how the userbase of Google+ will grow once businesses such as web hosting providers, restaurants, brand companies and others are allowed to create their Google+ account? I could just imagine how threatened Facebook and Twitter is right now.

If you’re running a business, especially technology-related and you want to promote your products or brands, Google+ is the right place to do so. Currently, the Google+ ecosphere is inhabited by geeks and techies who are actively interacting with one another, sharing information and links they find cool and interesting for fellow geeks.

Google+ will soon compete with Facebook in the brand advertising space. Google lives by its advertising revenue. So, expect Google to leverage on the growing popularity of Google+ and once the business model is in place, expect business companies ranging from the technical ones such as those offering dedicated servers to the more consumer-based products such as food and beverages among others – to come knocking on your Google+ account’s door asking you to add them to your Circles.

Google+ is shaking up the social media ecosphere, there’s no doubt about that. How other social media sites are going to react will be quite interesting to find out.

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Facebook Places Now Available for Philippine Users

If you’re using the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone, go check it out right now and when you’re at the main menu option, tap on Places which sits right at the center of the screen. Yes folks, Facebook Places is now available in the Philippines. Facebook has not officially announced this yet but I’m pretty sure they will in no time at all.

So if you’re using Foursquare for checking to places you visit and you’ve set the option to automatically post your Foursquare check in to your Facebook account, you may now stop using this and use the Facebook Places instead.

via Mobiputing

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Good Times with Mo – The Podcast, Catch it Live Every Night

Radio DJ, TV Host, Tech Junkie and whatever you may want to call him – DJ Mo Twister just made one of his brilliant idea into fruition. What is it? A nightly podcast with him, a doctor and a guest answering various questions (alright, predominantly S-E-X questions).  The podcast went live a couple of two nights ago with the controversial Hayden Kho as the first ever guest. Yup, Hayden de-virginized Mo’s podcast (whew!).

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