Catching the Elusive Pikachu in Greenbelt 5

IMG_3663Finally, after two weeks of playingg Pokemon Go, my kid and I were able to catch the elusive Pikachu in our weekend PoGo hunting  spree. After a failed attempt last week at Serendra in BGC, we decided to go to Greenbelt in Makati yesterday. And while walking at the 2nd floor of the new Greenbelt 5, with our iPhones in hand, the cutesy yellow Pokemon finally appeared. My 7 year old kid was very excited upon seeing Pikachu and it took him several tries before finally giving his phone to me so that I can catch Pikachu. And so, there you have it. We both finally caught Pikachu.

The bad news is, my daughter who decided to enter a bag shop together with her Mom wasn’t able to catch Pikachu anymore. She was so disappointed and frustrated as we left Greenbelt 5 and decided to drop by BGC before going home. In BGC though, one problem faced by many PoGo players have caught on the three of us —- battery juice! Yup, since we’ve been playing PokemonGo on our respective iPhones since 10 a.m., our phone batteries started dying down. The powerbanks we brought were not help at all. One of them was a solar powered one which couldn’t provide extra battery juice, while the other could only provide 17 battery charge to my son’s iPhone. My wife decided to buy a new power bank in iStudio but unfortunately, the factory charge could only give additional 10% battery juice.

So after a few more minutes of roaming around BGC, we all decided to end our Pokemon hunting and went home. My daughter was still frustrated though. ūüôā

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Revisiting this Spot Again


So, I just found myself revisiting this blog again. For no apparent reason I checked the WHOIS entry of this domain and found out that it won’t be expiring until December 2017. It also made me remembered that this domain was created and registered in 2005. This means that it has been in existence for almost 11 years. Wow! If I managed to make this blog popular, I would have been reached by now or at least an A-List blogger like my contemporaries who are now big names in the online world.

Unfortunately, I was not able to do it. And so this blog still remains as it was 11 years ago….NOTHING.

But all is not negative though. Without this blog, I would have not landed some gigs from numerous tech blogs from the U.S. and Australia. Some of these blogs have already folded up while some continues to exists for whatever reasons.

So, where do this blog go from here? Frankly, I have no idea and have no plans either. I just want to write. So the reason for this post. I have one year to decide whether to renew this blog or just let it die a natural death until its expiration in December 2017.

Pokemon Go …

So, what’s keeping me busy these past few days. Well, aside from regularly checking my social media feeds (namely, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) I’m also busy hunting down and trying to catch ’em all …Pokemons!

Yes, this game has definitely conquered not only the Philippines but other countries as well. The latest victim? none other than the U.S. Who knows what’s in store for this game in the coming days…it would be interesting to watch out for. In the meantime, let me just go for now. I’ve got some Pikachu-hunting to do.

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Much Ado About Nothing

Watching the last Vice Presidentiable debate yesterday sealed my choice as to whom should be the rightful person to be the second leader of the Philippines. The queen of last statement of a closing remarks.

During the last VP Debate, she won my heart when she said…

“In this battle, may the best woman wins.”

And then in last night’s VP debate, she made this statement…

“The last woman standing…”

One liners are powerfully convincing, right?

The Philippines need a FATHER who will give justice to his oppressed children. Likewise, the Philippines needs a MOTHER who will never sleep to see to it that her children are ok. That is why the Philippines needs, Rodrigo Duterte and Leni Robredo.

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Trying to revive this small space to make something useful out of it. Also my way of relieving my otherwise boring life from Monday to Friday, between 8-5 pm. Seriously, if I can find a way to get out of this misery, I would have done it a long time ago. Unfortunately, my hands (or my whole body) are tied until the next couple of years.

Enough of these blabbering. So, what’s happening in the Pinoy blogging scene. I guess same old, same old stuff? Bloggers attending media events and enjoying food and freebies. Go home or go to a coffee shop, connect to free WiFi and report about the event. Some things never change, eh?

Oh well.

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Instagram video longer than Vine and with filters, is this good or bad?

instagram video

Facebook today has updated Instagram for both iOS and Android. The updated mobile app now has the facility to capture video up to 15 seconds in duration. This is of course a direct hit on the getting-to-be-popular Vine video sharing site. Vine video is good only for 6 seconds and yet power users have maximize that length to come up with interesting video snippets. Now, what more if you’re allowed 15 seconds?

The 9-minutes difference between Vine and Instagram video means a lot. With 15 seconds video, you can make more interesting and meaningful video clips. What’s not certain is whether Instagram power users, those who prefer their photo sharing site to remains for photos only, will appreciate the addition of video on Instagram.

But hey, it’s too early to tell. Let’s give Instagram video a chance. It looks great, works great. And it even comes with 15 filters that you can use on your video to make it even more interesting.

The updated Instagram for iOS and Android is available now from their respective app markets. Check it out and tell me how you find it so far.

Here’s a sample video:

Embedly Powered

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It’s not iPad 3 nor iPad HD, but simply The New iPad – It’s All About Resolution

Seriously? Is the next generation going to be called – the New iPad? Apple just announced the new iPad which many have been anticipating to be called either iPad 3 or iPad HD. But knowing Apple, it just won’t give us what we wanted and will surely veer away from the norm. ¬†So, the new iPad is called – yes, the New iPad. We all better get used to that.

So, what’s new with the New iPad? For starters, it will have Retina Display. Imagined the transition from the iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 and you’ll pretty much get how improved the display capability of the new iPad from the iPad 2. To be technical how about, the new iPad’s screen resolution is measured as¬†2048 x 1536.

The new iPad will also have a 5MP iSight Camera, faster and yet the same dual-core processor, quad-core graphics, and 4G-LTE when it is released through Verizon and AT&T.

Price range is the same as the prices of the iPad 2 when it was launched last year (starting at $499 for the base 16GB model). This bumps the price range of the iPad 2 down to $399 for the basic model. Availability will be on March 16, not only for the U.S. for also for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the US Virgin Islands on Friday, March 16.

In the looks department, it’s pretty much the same as the iPad 2. Although some people are saying that it’s a bit thicker than the iPad 2.

Via Apple


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Smart iPhone 4S Pricing Details Revealed, Available on Dec 16

iPhone 4S Available in Manila, Philippines

It was only a couple of hours ago when a Smart Representative was informing about my pre-registration for the iPhone 4S. Smart is launching the iPhone 4S right now through a camp out gig at Rockwell in Makati. The Smart Representative also told me that I will be contacted by another Smart Representative to confirm my reservation. I also asked her about the Smart plans and pricing details of their iPhone 4S but was told that it will be revealed tomorrow.

But guess what, Smart couldn’t wait until tomorrow and so their pricing details for the iPhone 4S has just been revealed. Here you go folks. For those who are planning to get the iPhone 4S from Smart, here are the different pricing details for the Smart iPhone 4S plans.

Smart is offering the iPhone 4S under its different postpaid plans as well as on prepaid plans which will cost you the following:

  • P33,200 for 16GB
  • P38,200 for 32GB
  • P43,200 for 64GB
And here are the different plans for the Smart Postpaid iPhone 4S:
Smart iPhone 4S Data Plans Philippines
If you’re getting the iPhone 4S from Smart, you can do so from this site.
So, who’s getting the iPhone 4S from Smart? And who’s getting it from Globe? If you’re still undecided, you might want to check out our unboxing and first impression post about the iPhone 4S.
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Binverse Premium Usenet Provider, 2 Premium Accounts Up for Grabs

This is a long overdue post. I was contacted by a Binverse representative a couple of weeks ago to inform me about the Binverse Premium Usenet service. If you’re familiar with “Usenet,” well it seems that it has now become a premium content downloading site. You may think of Binverse as a more organized and formalized form of Torrent sites. Sorry, folks but I’m not really familiar with Torrent as I’ve used it only a couple of times.

So, anyway Binverse is offering premium content downloading service from the Binverse servers. The contents are already available and all you have to do is search for it on the Binverse desktop application (for Mac and Windows). The only downside to Binverse is that unlike Torrents, downloading content is not free. But don’t worry because their premium package are very affordable and if you download contents from the Internet, you might want to give the service a try.

Now, the Binverse representative are generous enough to have given us 2 premium accounts worth 50GB of download capacity. What’s good about this free 50GB account is that it will expire only after you have consumed the file capacity.

So, how do you get those free premium accounts? Simple – just leave a comment and the first two who do so gets the free account. That simple, no questions asked.


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Google+ is Shaking Up the Social Media Sphere

If I remember it correctly, it’s almost two weeks now (or more?) since Google has introduced its social networking service, Google+. As of today, there are probably more than 18 million users of Google+ already. And Google has yet to release this to the public. The more than 18 million Google+ users just grew through the “by-invitation” process that Google employed to build the Google+ userbase. Hence, at the growth that it is growing, the social media has suddenly shaken up by Google+.

Many were not expecting Google’s social networking service would be quite a hit. Many thought it will be just like Google Wave and Google Buzz which never really took off. But then, the inevitable happened – Google managed to successfully launch a new social networking service which in time will give Facebook and Twitter, two of the most popular social networking/social media services a run for their money.

Gradually, Google+ is carving its niche in the social media sphere. Although it’s still not allowed, several businesses have sneaked in and managed to create an account for their companies. Can you imagine how the userbase of Google+ will grow once businesses such as web hosting providers, restaurants, brand companies and others are allowed to create their Google+ account? I could just imagine how threatened Facebook and Twitter is right now.

If you’re running a business, especially technology-related and you want to promote your products or brands, Google+ is the right place to do so. Currently, the Google+ ecosphere is inhabited by geeks and techies who are actively interacting with one another, sharing information and links they find cool and interesting for fellow geeks.

Google+ will soon compete with Facebook in the brand advertising space. Google lives by its advertising revenue. So, expect Google to leverage on the growing popularity of Google+ and once the business model is in place, expect business companies ranging from the technical ones such as those offering dedicated servers to the more consumer-based products such as food and beverages among others – to come knocking on your Google+ account’s door asking you to add them to your Circles.

Google+ is shaking up the social media ecosphere, there’s no doubt about that. How other social media sites are going to react will be quite interesting to find out.

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