What happened Apple? The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S are not the new iPhones that we are expecting


It’s a good thing I didn’t stayed up late last night to wait for Apple to announce it’s new iPhone (or iPhones because two were announced). I was spared from the agony of feeling that I’ve wasted few hours of good sleep to wait for an announcement that not’s really big at all. In short, I was sort of disappointed about the product that was launched – the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. This together with the announcement that Apple is killing the iPhone 5 and releasing a new 8GB iPhone 4S convinced me that Apple as a mobile phone company is getting lost in the game.

Why do I believe so? If your paying attention to what these two new iPhones are going to offer, there’s nothing revolutionary at all. Or maybe I just can’t accept the fact that Apple has stopped being revolutionary after Steve Jobs.

Prior to the event last night, I was really hoping that rumors that have persisted in the past couple of weeks were not true. New iPhones in various colors? Since when did the mobile phone industry became more interested with aesthetics rather than features? Seriously? Is that how you approach a staggering business which is being rampaged by your rival company by coming out with mobile phones with far better features than their previous releases? Yes, I’m talking about Samsung.

So, what happened Apple? Where’s the new iPhone that most of us are expecting? The new iPhone that will give Samsung go back to the drawing boards to rethink about the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series?

If you want to know more about the iPhone 5S, click here.

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Instagram video longer than Vine and with filters, is this good or bad?

instagram video

Facebook today has updated Instagram for both iOS and Android. The updated mobile app now has the facility to capture video up to 15 seconds in duration. This is of course a direct hit on the getting-to-be-popular Vine video sharing site. Vine video is good only for 6 seconds and yet power users have maximize that length to come up with interesting video snippets. Now, what more if you’re allowed 15 seconds?

The 9-minutes difference between Vine and Instagram video means a lot. With 15 seconds video, you can make more interesting and meaningful video clips. What’s not certain is whether Instagram power users, those who prefer their photo sharing site to remains for photos only, will appreciate the addition of video on Instagram.

But hey, it’s too early to tell. Let’s give Instagram video a chance. It looks great, works great. And it even comes with 15 filters that you can use on your video to make it even more interesting.

The updated Instagram for iOS and Android is available now from their respective app markets. Check it out and tell me how you find it so far.

Here’s a sample video:

Embedly Powered

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Apple iOS 7 hands-on and impressions

ios 7

Finally installed iOS 7 beta on my iPhone 5 and boy what can I say? Apple did it again. The Apple boys have successfully re-invented iOS and made an otherwise ageing mobile platform into something new, something refreshing. If you’re using the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which will run iOS 7 when it comes in September, you have every reason to be excited about.

iOS 7 is going to give your iDevices a new lease of life. If you owned an older version of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad but it is listed as one of the iDevices that can run iOS 7, you’ll have second thoughts upgrading your older iDevice. iOS 7 will revitalize it. You can count on that.

ios 7

To give you a teaser, here’s what I like from iOS 7 so far:

  • iTunes Radio – yup! it works even in the Philippines. And it works great.
  • Control Center – simpler and more organized than Android’s control panel
  • Notification Center – better than the previous notification center
  • Photo app – you’ll find yourself browsing your photos more often now with more different ways of viewing them
  • Messaging – nicer and more refreshing UI
  • Safari – better multitabs
  • Multitasking – not as good as the Android multitasking feature but good nonetheless

Those are just some of the features that I was able to check out and liked so far. No matter what critics say that most of those features are already in other mobile platforms, well, it’s just how the mobile industry works. Copying is inevitable. So, Apple has every right to copy them and innovate on their own.

ios 7

One thing is for sure, iOS 7 is going to win the hearts of iOS device users once it becomes available in September. And if you’re a developer, you better start making preparations for your apps.

via Apple

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Apple redefines its mobile directions with new iOS 7 features

ios 7 new features

So, Apple’s much awaited WWDC 2013 event was over. What remains are varied reactions from what Apple announced. Some are good, some are bad. But the fact remains, when it comes to previous teasers on what iOS 7 might look like, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was true enough when says that iOS 7 will have “a stunning new interface.”

No matter what you read from iOS haters, I will stay say this – Apple has done it again. Apple, when it comes to its mobile direction has once again pushed something new, something exciting. And those are the new features that we should be all excited about in the upcoming iOS 7 this September.

All those being said, what are the new features to look forward to from iOS 7.

Control Center – Simply put, this is Apple’s simple way of attacking Android’s in the Settings feature. With the new Control Center, you’ll have quick access to the controls and apps including switching to Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi toggle, brightness adjustment and even turning on the flashlight mode. And that’s with a swipe gesture.

Notification Center – new interface, new Today feature, access to missed activities you need to do and more.

Multi-tasking – It’s not Android multi-tasking feature but it will suffice for now. With this new feature opened and running apps are displayed ala-multita tabs in Safari. Easier to control as well.

Camera – new shot format known as Square and photo filters plus iCloud sharing feature makes the new iOS camera app more exciting.

Photos – Faster, easier and more delightful ways to browse through your Photo Albums and there’s a new way to organize photos as well with collection, moments, and years.

iRadio – Apple’s much anticipated radio streaming service will come as a free feature for iTunes Match subscribers. Can it stand its ground against Pandora, Spotify and other similar services?

Siri – new male voice for Siri plus other nifty features

Other features includes enhanced Safari, iOs in the Car, new features for iTunes App Store, and better Air Drop feature.

So, which of these new iOS 7 features are you most excited about?

via [Apple]

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Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one camera lens review

olloclip iphone 5

I recently got the Olioclip iPhone 3-in-one camera len. I thought that since I’ve been using my iPhone 5 for taking shots of anything that catches my attention, I might as well extend its camera capability. So I got the Olloclip after reading great reviews from those who’ve used it.

What is Olloclip iPhone 5 lens?

To cut a long story short, I got my Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one lens  a couple of weeks ago. And true enough as published, it’s a great iPhone 5 camera accessory that adds value to the phone’s camera. The Olloclip, for those who are not aware is a small piece of ware which you clip on to your iPhone 5. Specifically you attach it on on the camera part to give you three more type of lens for the iPhone 5’s camera.

olloclip iphone 5 sample macro shot

Olloclip macro lens, wide angle lens, fish-eye

So with Olloclip iPhone 5 lens attached, you can take macro, fish eye and wide angle shots. Of these three lenses, the fish eye is probably going to be the most used for you and in fact, is the best among the three lenses.

But that doesn’t mean that the Macro and Wide-Angle shots are not as good. In fact, both lens take great photos. The Wide Angle allows you more room when framing your landscape shot by expanding its coverage. The Macro Lens on the other takes extra effort to master its use to get the best macro shot. That’s because you really have to be as close as possible to your subject for the lens to work properly. Once you’ve established the correct distance of the lens to your subject, the Macro lens will work its wonder and give you a great macro shot.

Performance and minor flaw Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one-lens

I must say that for the several times that I’ve used the Olloclip, I have no regrets in buying it. As I said, my iPhone 5 has been my point-and-shoot camera since I got it. So, it is but fitting that I add some variety to the shots I take using my iPhone 5. This, I successfully accomplished using the Olloclip.

olloclip iphone 5 fish eye shot

One flaw that I find on the Olloclip iPhone 5 lens is that it’s a bit loose when clipped to my iPhone 5, Hence, there’s a tendency for the clip to move easily and disalign itself from the camera.

Other than that, I have nothing more negative to say about this iPhone 5 camera. If you’re like me who use your iPhone 5 rigorously, the Olloclip will make you use it even more.

Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one-lens – Availability and Price

The Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one camera lens is available now for $69.99. You can grab one from the Olloclip website.

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EnviroPop launches on the App Store


Are you up to save endagenred species together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines)? If yes, well now you can do so “virtually” by way of playing this new iOS game Enviropop. Developed by Appslab in cooperation with WWF, Enviropop lets you digitally rescue endangered species from sea hazards. The app aims to spread awareness on how to minimize threats to marine life.

The app also has several feature to push its WWF’s advocacy. For instance, it features Enviropedia, a source of information on cool facts about undersea creatures and the hazards that they are facing.

Playing the game is also simple. All you have to do is to tap and swipe hazards on time-pressured puzzles. So, it’s perfect for both kids and adults.

Enviropop is available now from the iTunes App Store and soon on Google Play. The lite version is free while the full version will cost you $0.99. Of course proceeds of the app will a long way to saving endangered species.

Via [iTunes App Store]

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Globe LTE Speedtest results

globe lte speedtest

So after 24 hours of waiting and testing my iPhone 5, I finally get to see the “LTE” signal this morning. But that’s after calling Globe CSR last night to ask if the Globe-issued nano SIM that I just got from the Globe Business Center in Podium was already “provisioned” for LTE. Apparently, the SIM was not LTE-provisioned by default so it’s a good thing I called Globe CSR.

So, this morning I observed if my iPhone 5 will finally get LTE. Well, it did. I was somewhere along E. Rodriguez Ave. in Manggahan Pasig and voila, 3G was gone and on its place was — LTE. I immediately fired up Speedtest.net and got the   download speed (see image above).

Not that fast right? Somewhere along Calle Industria in Pasig, while LTE is still on I did the speedtest again and got the download speed below:

Globe LTE speedtest 3

Then somewhere in Eastwood/C5 area I got the following:

Globe LTE speedtest 2

Finally in Ortigas, the LTE download speed:

Globe LTE speedtest 1

So, there. Globe LTE is now working on my iPhone 5. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a location nearby which would register 10MBPS plus speed. Heard that folks in the Makati and BGC areas are getting a burst in speed.

Still, 6.99 mbps was fast enough. I was able to update 9 apps in just few minutes.

Have you experience Globe LTE? What was your fastest speed?

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How to enable LTE on your Globe-issued iPhone 5

globe 4g lte nanosim

So, now that both Globe and Smart have announced the availability of LTE on their iPhone 5 units the next question in the minds of those who are using iPhone 5 units is how to enable LTE on their devices. So, here’s  how to enable LTE on your iPhone 5 if you’re using Globe units.

  1. Update to iOS 6.1 (Settings -> About -> Software Update)
  2. Go to Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Toggle On Enable LTE
  3. If you’re located on an area where there’s LTE, check the network beside carrier name at the top portion of your iPhone 5 screen. It should be “Globe LTE”
  4. If it’s still showing “Globe 3G” or “Globe E,” chances are you’re using a non 4G LTE nanosim.
  5. Visit a Globe Business Center and have you’re SIM replaced with a 4G LTE NanoSIM
  6. If you’re in an LTE area and you have inserted the new nanoSIM to your iPhone 5, you should have LTE enabled now on your handset.

Globe LTE are concentrated on the following areas -> Manila, Pasig City, Quezon City, Taguig City, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong, Cebu City, and Boracay.

Globe LTE service is free until further notice. So better enable it now on your iPhone 5 and enjoy up to 42mbps surfing speed.


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Apple releases iOS 6.1, enables LTE in 36 more countries including the Philippines

iOS 6.1 LTE

Apple has just released iOS 6.1 and it is now available from the Software update settings of your iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad with Retina display. iOS 6.1 brings in several new features but mainly this update is all about enabling LTE capabilities to iPhone 5 users in additional 36 countries worldwide. And yes, the Philippines is included in those countries.

This means that iPhone 5 users in the Philippines can now enjoy ultrafast wireless performance via cellular data. And so it seems.

So, I fire up Software Update on my iPhone 5 and the file was downloaded quickly. Fire it up and in a flash, my iPhone 5 was updated to iOS 6.1. How do you know that LTE is now enabled on your iPhone 5? Go to Settings -> General -> Cellular.  In the Cellular settings tab, you’ll see right after Cellular Data and new tab labeled, “Enable LTE.” Toggle it on and LTE should be enabled on your iPhone 5.

Did my iPhone 5 managed to connect to Globe LTE? Unfortunately, NOT. It’s still showing 3G connection.

Via Apple

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