How Safari is good for iPhone and iPad touch

Safari has revealed the level of marvelous craze in the world of magical searching. It loads the pages much faster. Simultaneously it reads a large amount of data at any instant. It even makes a constant checking in grammar and spelling. From this point of view, it has shown its innovation. That’s why, when the choice have to select for the iPhone app, then Safari is an effective choice. On the great scaling service, this is not a very big deal.

Procedural view:

The identification of proper strategies is settled together for creating betterment in outcome. From the statistical records, the consecutive steps can be demonstrated as follows:

· Anytime, the user when feels to search some specific address then he sends the string of predictive text. It proceeds via the browser and requests the server to generate an associated response. For iPhone and iPad touch, the string gets modified by Safari and pushed through interface.

  • Safari can make a view of the actual database. So it tries to operate on particular input rather than perceptive actions. If it is installed in system, then the advanced pane of preference must be chosen for iPhone applications.
  • A drop down menu is found under the asterisk sign in browser. It shows the pop-up menu. That is basically used to develop the preferred operation just by clicking the corresponding checkbox. The minimization and disposure are also found as the available options.
  •  Then the page option is selected. Here from iPhone and iPad display, user agent bar is to be configured. For the latest versions these are obtained by default as additional options.
  • For each type of agent, there are variety of versions are available. Here the user has to make an effective choice in between enormous range. At first the compatibility is checked. If the similarity is verified then that version is adapted without any cross checking.
  • Now, it’s the time to disable the flash and java properties which become enable by default settings. In the security pane of Safari, the respective checkboxes are displayed. All the plug-ins is gathered as the group.
  • Finally the testing phase starts. The Safari page is explored but only with the iPad and iPhone touch system.


If the market analysis is observed at a glance, then the popularity of Safari can be overseen. It keeps running the tally from the touch screen. It is also able to create the graphical high definition pages that can be displayed as thumbnail for 24 hours. Safari can also assist to retrace the steps and being compatible with iTunes, it can flip the previews. If the users operate on iCloud sync along with iPad or iPhone, then they can be alerted on regular basis. Powerful tools like iPad peek and iPhone simulators are supported with this browsing framework. It does not work on a single request but can handle a sequential stream of transaction. So, the traffic is never congested. This is the greatest utility what a user can come across using Safari attached with iPhone or iPad technology.

About The Author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She contributes to Sara International Travel

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Apple opens iTunes Store in Several Asian Countries Including the Philippines

Finally, Apple has opened up the iTunes Store in several Asian countries, including the Philippines. Take note, this is the iTunes Store and not just the App Store. This means that you can now purchase songs and movies from the iTunes Store without needing those iTunes card or neither do you need to create a US iTunes account.

The iTunes Store in these Asian countries will also highlight local talents. In our case, several Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Unfortunately as of now, there’s few local artists available yet. Hopefully, in the coming days more music companies will launch their catalogs to the iTunes Store. And this goes out for local film companies.

It would certainly be great to see classic Filipino movies and music become available for our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

To access the Philippines iTunes Store, simply login to iTunes using your Philippines Apple account and you can start buying movies and music using your local credit cards. Have fun!

Via [Apple]

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How iPhone hit Android Smartphone

Archrival iOS of iPhone from Apple and Android from the house of Google are once again in a head-on fight mode. Almost four years back, iPhone came into existence and instantly it became a rage among the gadget enthusiasts all around the globe. Right from its inception it had to fiercely compete with other existing contenders in the smart phone segment, not only in terms of cutting edge hardware but also in software.

When Apple was launched in the market, Android became its rival in the OS almost right away. Apple always tries to make sure to bombard its app store with new and newer apps, to keep the target audience hooked and looking for more. And this time a new but innovative photo sharing apps are giving Apple the edge over Google. On the other hand Google too is trying very hard to snatch away
market share of iOS, by constant innovation and up gradation.

The Dent in the iPhone Bastion by Google Android

Of late even Apple is facing the obvious challenges and threat posed by Google Android to its iPhone, though it’s still insanely popular among buyers all over the world. It’s fact that when Apple rolled out their smartphone, it defined new standards and benchmarks in terms of quality and innovation and instantly became market leader.

According to some recent study reports, in some European market, people have started to opt for Android powered smartphones, over Apple iPhones. Reportedly in the UK, the market share of Google Android is 2% ahead of iOS, at 28%. Some of the key areas where Android is giving stiff competition to Apple are discussed below.

Looks & Design

No doubt Apple brought in a revolutionary design, but more or less they preferred to remain static and on the other hand Android comes with a wide range of models & designs to choose from. Moreover Android is much more flexible than iOS, you can customize it in many ways, just the way which pleases you. But iOS provided very limited options in this regard. And in an era, where everyone prefers
maximum customization, it’s definitely not in favor of Apple.

Availability & Accessibility of Apps

Still the Apple app store has way more apps than Android, with a staggering 350,000 mark, whereas Android has only around 150,000 apps. But the pace of addition of new apps in Android app store is mindboggling, owing to its open nature. Anyone can create and add an app in it. But in this case also, Apple prefers to be selective and protective.

Any new app to get added there has to pass through their strict approval process. So, considering the present trend, it’s legitimate to predict that t very soon the number of Android apps may surpass Apple’s.

Cost Factor

Above all, cost is also a key factor, while comparing Apple iPhone and any other Android powered smartphone. iPhones still remains costlier than most of the other smart phones.

Apple’s Strategy to Stay Ahead

Despite all these, Apple iPhone is still a market leader in a specific segment. Notably among medical professionals, they are hugely popular owing to some of their custom made apps for doctors, such as ‘WebMD’ & ‘iTriage’. The recent acquisition of Instagram, by social networking giant Facebook paying a whopping $1 billion, has added to the aura and charm of this online photo sharing site and its
mobile application. But the app is already outrageously popular among iPhone users, till date the app is downloaded more than 27 million times and still counting. Motivated with this new trend Android is also looking towards launching the app in their version.

The Verdict

Of course, Google isn’t in the business of hardware, but the software on which a smart phone runs, acts as its soul and functions at the very core. So Google Android is definitely a threat to Apple and in the competition is only going to get hotter.

About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of mobile phones. Recently an article on nokia lumia 710 attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on small bathroom design ideas.on small bathroom design ideas.

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Globe and Smart to Release the iPhone 4S on December 16

Globe and Smart iPhone 4S

In case you haven’t heard about the news yet, both Globe and Smart are releasing the iPhone 4S at the same time on December 16. Both companies are now displaying the iPhone 4S sign-up pages on their respective websites. Unfortunately both have not disclose details about the release of the iPhone 4S except for the date. Even if you sign up for your interest to get the iPhone 4S, nothing on the registration form states something about pricing and plan details for the iPhone 4S.

The good news here is that even if you signify your interest, you are not compelled to push through if in case the deals to be given out by any of the two companies don’t suit you. So, if you’re really serious about getting the iPhone 4S from any of these carriers, you might as well signify your interest as early as now. I’m pretty sure, there will be few units available come December 16.

Who’s getting the iPhone 4S and from which carrier?

Here’s the sign up pages  for Smart and for Globe.

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Globe is Now Processing iPhone 4S Orders, Release in Manila Could Be Anytime Soon!


A couple of days ago, Yugatech broke the “news” that Globe seemed to have “leaked out” the pre-order page for iPhone 4S. In case you’ve been monitoring the iPhone 4S Manila news, Smart recently announced (via an interview with MVP) that the iPhone 4S will be released by Smart soon. But then Globe also will also carry the phone. Now, it seems that it’s going to be race on which of them will get the most number of pre-orders for the iPhone 4S. And Globe got the edge right now, right after the leaked iPhone 4S pre-order page went live and out.

Now, if you’re among those who completed the sign up form on the said “page,” and you have continued the process until the part where Globe thanked you for signing up, check you email as Globe seems to be processing those “unofficial” pre-orders right now. I just got an email from a Globe Representatives asking me to submit some credentials, whether I’m getting a new line for the first time or getting another line.

The email also said that my application for the iPhone 4S is still pending and I must submit those credentials. No deadline was given. And no date was also indicated as to when the iPhone 4S will become available in Manila.

So, did anyone here got the same email from Globe? Any guesses on when Globe is releasing the iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines?

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Philippines iPhone 4S Unboxing and First Impressions

iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines

As of last “unofficial” reports, both Smart and Globe are said to be releasing the iPhone 4S anytime in the coming couple of weeks. But of course, not all Pinoy iPhone fans had to wait for the official release of the iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines. Several of them (including myself) have used the old and tested work-around of purchasing the iPhone 4S from the Hong Kong and Singapore Apple Store.

iPhone 4S unboxing in Manila, Philippines

So I got my unit last week and have been using the iPhone 4S for several days now and here are my first impressions of the iPhone 4S.

Design – As you may have probably read by now, there’s really no difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S when it comes to design. Same width, height, weight and dimension. Same buttons, ports and all. The only difference and it’s very minor is the position of the volume up/down rocker, which makes some iPhone 4 case incompatible with the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Manila, Philippines unboxed

Features – When it comes to features, the differences between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were taken out by the release of iOS 5, except for one feature – SIRI which is for iPhone 4S only. But then some hackers and developers have been hard at work trying to make SIRI work on iPhone 4 and even iPhone 3GS and it seems that these people are making strides.

white iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines

Speaking of SIRI, yes for those who are curious to know, SIRI works in the Philippines but only for non-location based features. For instance, you can ask SIRI to wake you up, remind you of an appointment, make calls or compose SMS, play your iPhone 4S music player for a specific playlist of artists, compose and send email, reply to email and SMS and search Google and some more. Sorry folks, SIRI won’t open Facebook or Twitter for you.

And that’s just about what SIRI can do. Hopefully the location-based features will be enabled in the Philippines soon. Take note, SIRI is very specific when it comes to accent. So when speaking to SIRI make sure to put some “American accent” when you speak.

Should you buy the iPhone 4S when it comes out here in the Philippines? The answer depends. If you own an iPhone 4, you’ll be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 and keep your iPhone 4 for now. If you own and iPhone 3G or 3GS and you wanted to upgrade for so long now, the iPhone 4S is a good skip from the iPhone 4. If this is your first time to own an iPhone – the iPhone 4S is a pretty good purchase.

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Smart to Offer iPhone 4S Before the Year Ends

Since Globe has lost its exclusive rights to distribute the iPhone and iPad in the Philippines this year, I really expected Smart Telecoms to step right into the circle. And so the company did. has just reported that Smart will be making the iPhone 4S  available to, take note of this – “its premium subscribers.” That means the Infinity plan holders. Monthly Service Fee for this premium postpaid plan I believe is PHp 5,000? Or Smart may also release the iPhone 4S through its current Unli Data Plans costing from Php 2,000 to Php 3,500 with minimum cash-out.

But the report said that this will just be the initial strategy. Hopefully, Smart will rethink about this and release the iPhone 4S under its more affordable plan or even on a pre-paid scheme. Anyway, release date is said to be end of this year. So you might want to hold up your plans of scoring the iPhone 4S through various means, for now.

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How to Get the iPhone 4S If You’re in Manila

It’s almost half-way through November and the streets of Manila are still not showing any signs of official release of the iPhone 4S by Globe. In fact, Globe has been quite ever since the iPhone 4S was launched and released in the U.S. and other countries including Singapore and Hong Kong.

So, when should we expect the iPhone 4S to become available in Manila, Philippines? According to some reliable sources, Globe may release the iPhone 4S by December 14, 2011. That’s more than a month from now. But still, this is a rumor and barring official announcement from Globe, we should take the iPhone 4S release date in Manila with a gran of salt.

Next question is, if we are not banking on Globe to have the iPhone 4S, where can we get the iPhone 4S? Of course, the quick answer would be – Greenhills. Yes, as a matter of fact, there are several units being sold in Greenhills right now. Unfortunately, you’ll probably get a cardiac arrest once you’ve found out about the price. It can go as high as Php 60K. If you don’t mind the price, go check out Theater Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center and you’ll easily find an iPhone 4S.

You might also want to check out some online forums specifically and the Marketplace of PhilMUG. There are several members in those forums who were able to source out several units of the iPhone 4S (factory unlocked) from other countries and are now selling them with reasonable mark-ups.

Your last resort is to order your iPhone 4S units from online Apple Stores in Hong Kong or Singapore. But the last time I checked, Apple Hong Kong has already sold out its pre-orders while the store in Singapore have few units left of the 64GB iPhone 4S.

So there you go. Good luck and happy iPhone 4S hunting!

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Win an iPhone 4S with Best Mobile Contracts

Note: This is a guest post to promote the Best Mobile Contracts’ contest that gives UK residents a chance to win an iPhone 4S. If in case you’re from the UK, you might want to check out contest. For those in Manila, Philippines, you might want to read the whole article to get a glimpse at what you should expect from iPhone 4S. 

There are so many new smartphones entering the market, you can’t help wondering which, if any, will genuinely change the way in which we communicate. This in turn raises another query: do we need a new way to communicate?

Necessity doesn’t really come into it, of course. Functionality and gimmickry are often quarrelsome bedfellows. You need only consider how poor the batteries of modern phones are, or the fact that signals drop out for no apparent reason to appreciate that a phone doing what it’s supposed to do is quite rare. Who cares if you can’t make an urgent phonecall because your signal is prone to randomly dropping out? All that matters is knowing you can use speech-to-text dictation to post a Tweet about how bored you are.

The iPhone 4S is the latest smartphone to generously proffer a brace of features we previously didn’t know we always wanted. Its Siri Assistant means we can now hold a conversation with our phone, or ask it questions at the very least. Ask it ‘Is it going to rain today?’ and it will check the weather reports. Bark at it to set a reminder for your dental appointment and it will accede like an unpaid underling.

Does this sound like something you need in your everyday life? Not really. We can already check the weather, in seconds, by logging onto the web browser on our phone. We can get directions by using Google Maps. In fact, every question we pose to Siri we can find the answer to ourselves; it may just take us a few seconds longer.

So who needs Siri? Does anyone? Certainly it seems like we will never again have to ask another stranger for the time or directions, such is the informational rocket in our pocket. Dialogue with strangers is, for all intents and purposes, extinct. Dialogue with our CPU-brained device is the future.

A final word on Siri; early reports indicate our assistant is somewhat incompetent at offering local information, crafted as it is for the American market. Seemingly this is down to Apple not committing to deals with domestic providers (Yellow Pages, for example). Ask it to direct you to Aberdeen and you end up bound for the town’s Washington doppelganger.

Perhaps this is an unnecessarily cynical outlook to adopt. Siri is cool, right? A few weeks ago voice-recognition software didn’t enter our minds, but now we can’t live without it. What can’t be disputed is that its inclusion in the fifth-gen iPhone will drive sales like nothing before. Having a phone you can’t talk to will be, like, so prehistoric.

It’s not just Siri we want, but may not need. Now we have access to an iCloud, to store our data, apps and music. No longer do we need hard-drives or pen drives. We have a ‘glossary’ so we can provide our own text abbreviations (another service we didn’t previously realise we needed), and a new operating system. Apple is veritably spoiling us this haul of superfluous essentials. Sure, we may not need most of it, but like the fools that we are, you know we’re gonna go out there and buy the 4S anyway. After all, who uses phones with five megapixel cameras anymore?

If you are still unsure about whether to splash out a large sum of cash on the iPhone 4S you could always try your luck at winning one for free with Best Mobile Contracts’ phone competition. The competition is free and simple to enter, you just need to visit the competition page and answer one simple question. The competition closes on November 15th when you may be the lucky winner receiving a free iPhone 4S in the post.

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