Catching the Elusive Pikachu in Greenbelt 5

IMG_3663Finally, after two weeks of playingg Pokemon Go, my kid and I were able to catch the elusive Pikachu in our weekend PoGo hunting  spree. After a failed attempt last week at Serendra in BGC, we decided to go to Greenbelt in Makati yesterday. And while walking at the 2nd floor of the new Greenbelt 5, with our iPhones in hand, the cutesy yellow Pokemon finally appeared. My 7 year old kid was very excited upon seeing Pikachu and it took him several tries before finally giving his phone to me so that I can catch Pikachu. And so, there you have it. We both finally caught Pikachu.

The bad news is, my daughter who decided to enter a bag shop together with her Mom wasn’t able to catch Pikachu anymore. She was so disappointed and frustrated as we left Greenbelt 5 and decided to drop by BGC before going home. In BGC though, one problem faced by many PoGo players have caught on the three of us —- battery juice! Yup, since we’ve been playing PokemonGo on our respective iPhones since 10 a.m., our phone batteries started dying down. The powerbanks we brought were not help at all. One of them was a solar powered one which couldn’t provide extra battery juice, while the other could only provide 17 battery charge to my son’s iPhone. My wife decided to buy a new power bank in iStudio but unfortunately, the factory charge could only give additional 10% battery juice.

So after a few more minutes of roaming around BGC, we all decided to end our Pokemon hunting and went home. My daughter was still frustrated though. 🙂

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