The Power of Social Media, Television and YaYaDub in Product Promotions

As of this writing, O+ has announced that it’s O+ Ultra smarthpone is already out of stock. Yes, you heard it right. The said phone was recently promoted by Social Media phenomenon Yaya Dub aka Maine Mendoza together with Lola Nidora aka Wally Bayola.

So what brought this sales phenomenon for O+ Ultra? Obviously, it’s the popularity by YayaDub, Alden, and Lola Nidora of the Kalye Serye segment of Eat Bulaga’s Juan for All, All for Juan.

Seriously, there’s no other reason why such a smartphone could very well sell out a couple of weeks after the TVC commercial feature YaYaDub and Lola Nidora came out. Same thing happened with McDonald’s Chicken Fillet Ala King endorsed by YayaDub and Alden Richards of the phenomenal ALDUB love team.

A couple of days ago, Yaya Dub’s latest TVC for Zonrox bleach came out. Well, I don’t expect the supply of this product to sell out as well but I’m pretty sure sales will certainly shoot up.

As Allan K, one of the host of Eat Bulaga says about the Twitter phenomenon brought about by the Aldub fandom – do not underestimate the power of Aldub Nation. That goes true for commercial products as well.

Let any of the six characters of the Kalye Serye promote your product through a TVC and I’m pretty sure, your sales figures would double, triple and even quadruple in a could of days.

That’s the power of Aldub!

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