Marvel Contest of Champions iOS Game simply rocks!

marvel contest of champions

So I just published a blog post saying that I’ll be veering this blog away from tech-related stuff and yet here I am posting something tech-related, somehow. I’m referring to this new iOS game called Marvel Contest of Champions which was released on the App Store last December. I’ve been playing this game during the holiday break and boy I can tell you that it’s one good fighting game with a slew of Marvel characters and very nice graphics. And take note, the developer is not Gameloft but a company named Kabam.

So, what it’s all about? As I said, it’s a fighting game. Pitting Marvel characters such as Star Lord, Wolvering, Thor, Rhino, Scarlett Witch and many others against each other.

It’s a pretty loaded fighting game which will really make you pre-occupied for days or even weeks. There’s also an online component to it for added depth.

Graphics-wise, the game is pretty solid.

Check it out. It’s free to download with tons of in-app purchases that you may or may not partake. Best played on an iPad.

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