Apple launches the new iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

ipad air

Woke earlier this morning to find my news feed swarming with news items about Apple launching the 5th generation iPad, called iPad Air and the 2nd generation iPad Mini, this time with Retina Display. Of these two new iPads, I’m more excited about the new iPad Air. Why? Because it’s a long overdue update that Apple should have done a long time ago. In fact, if the iPad Air came out before the first generation iPad Mini, there won’t be a need for an iPad Mini at all.

The iPad Air makes Apple’s tablet a 100% tablet. It’s now more portable which the original iPad should have been. It’s lighter, thinner and a lot faster. You have to credit Apple for its trademark “incremental” upgrades for its products. It’s a great way to make tons of money.

Now, the question asked by many who are planning to get the iPads is – which new iPad they are going to get? Since both have Retina Display, the iPad Air is clearly the better choice if price is of course not a factor for you.

The new iPad Air will be available in all its flavors come November 1 from the Apple Online Store and retail outlets in the U.S. and some other countries. The iPad Mini 2 will arrive in the later part of November. As usual, for those of us here in the Philippines, there’s no words yet as to when these iPads will hit our local shores.



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