What happened Apple? The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S are not the new iPhones that we are expecting


It’s a good thing I didn’t stayed up late last night to wait for Apple to announce it’s new iPhone (or iPhones because two were announced). I was spared from the agony of feeling that I’ve wasted few hours of good sleep to wait for an announcement that not’s really big at all. In short, I was sort of disappointed about the product that was launched – the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. This together with the announcement that Apple is killing the iPhone 5 and releasing a new 8GB iPhone 4S convinced me that Apple as a mobile phone company is getting lost in the game.

Why do I believe so? If your paying attention to what these two new iPhones are going to offer, there’s nothing revolutionary at all. Or maybe I just can’t accept the fact that Apple has stopped being revolutionary after Steve Jobs.

Prior to the event last night, I was really hoping that rumors that have persisted in the past couple of weeks were not true. New iPhones in various colors? Since when did the mobile phone industry became more interested with aesthetics rather than features? Seriously? Is that how you approach a staggering business which is being rampaged by your rival company by coming out with mobile phones with far better features than their previous releases? Yes, I’m talking about Samsung.

So, what happened Apple? Where’s the new iPhone that most of us are expecting? The new iPhone that will give Samsung go back to the drawing boards to rethink about the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series?

If you want to know more about the iPhone 5S, click here.

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