Apple iOS 7 hands-on and impressions

ios 7

Finally installed iOS 7 beta on my iPhone 5 and boy what can I say? Apple did it again. The Apple boys have successfully re-invented iOS and made an otherwise ageing mobile platform into something new, something refreshing. If you’re using the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which will run iOS 7 when it comes in September, you have every reason to be excited about.

iOS 7 is going to give your iDevices a new lease of life. If you owned an older version of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad but it is listed as one of the iDevices that can run iOS 7, you’ll have second thoughts upgrading your older iDevice. iOS 7 will revitalize it. You can count on that.

ios 7

To give you a teaser, here’s what I like from iOS 7 so far:

  • iTunes Radio – yup! it works even in the Philippines. And it works great.
  • Control Center – simpler and more organized than Android’s control panel
  • Notification Center – better than the previous notification center
  • Photo app – you’ll find yourself browsing your photos more often now with more different ways of viewing them
  • Messaging – nicer and more refreshing UI
  • Safari – better multitabs
  • Multitasking – not as good as the Android multitasking feature but good nonetheless

Those are just some of the features that I was able to check out and liked so far. No matter what critics say that most of those features are already in other mobile platforms, well, it’s just how the mobile industry works. Copying is inevitable. So, Apple has every right to copy them and innovate on their own.

ios 7

One thing is for sure, iOS 7 is going to win the hearts of iOS device users once it becomes available in September. And if you’re a developer, you better start making preparations for your apps.

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  1. Mon ultimate psorawd ne fonctionne plus depuis la dernie8re mise a jour et mon iPod touch ne peut pas avoir le ios5 alors que faire pour revenir e0 la version pre9ce9dente?

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