Smart iPad Mini LTE and iPad with Retina Display LTE now available on Plan

smart ipad mini lte

If you’re planning to buy a new iPad Mini or iPad with Retina Display, you might want to get the Smart iPad Mini LTE which is being offered under Smart’s Plan 499 and Plan 999. The same goes true for the iPad with Retina Display LTE. Smart is offering these two tablets at a very reasonable price on flexible payment scheme.

The Smart iPad Mini LTE is available under Plan 499. This comes with  65hrs of 3G/4G/SmartLTE usage monthly. You will be charge P499 a month for data charges within those coverage limit. If you opt for this plan, you need to pay P20,990 (16GB)/P25,990(32GB)/P29,990(64) for the iPad Mini. And you can pay this on a 24-months 0% installment terms. Total monthly amortization plus P499 equals P 1,373.58 for the 16GB iPad Mini LTE, P 1,581.91 for the 32GB iPad Mini LTE or P1,748.58 for the 64GB iPad Mini LTE.

You can also get the Smart iPad with Retina Display LTE under Plan 999 or Plan 499.  For the Plan 999, it comes with unlimited 3G/4G/Smart LTE usage monthly and monthly charge of P999. This is on top of a one-time payment for the device paid in cash or using a credit card with options for a 12-month interest free installment.

Or you can also get it under plan 499 which comes with 65 hours of 3G/4G/SmartLTE usage monthly. This is on top of one-time payment or option to pay in 24 monthly amortization.

More details can be found here.

Visit your nearest Smart Wireless Centers now to grab the Smart iPad Mini LTE or Smart iPad with Retina Display LTE. For existing subscribers, a valid ID is enough for verification purposes.


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