Alcatel One Touch Sale on June 1, 2013


Just got this from the mail. Alcatel is holding a one-day sale on its One Touch Idol and One Touch Idol Ultra. If you buy the One Touch Idol on Saturday from any Alcatel Kiosk, you’re entitled to a Php 1,000 discount. Price of the Alcatel One Touch smartphone is currently P10,990. The Alcatel One Touch Idol on the other hand retails for P13,490. But on Saturday, you’re entitle to a P1,500 discount if buy this phone.

You can grab this deal from any Alcatel Kiosk located at SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Fairview and SM Southmall and some SM malls outside of Metro Manila. The deal is on from 4-6PM only so, line up early if I were you.


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Amazon Appstore now open for Android users in the Philippines

amazon appstore

Finally, for those of you who have been wanting to grab the free apps of the day from the Amazon Appstore, you can now do so. Amazon has just opened up the gates of its Android appstore to almost 200 countries, including our beloved country the Philippines. This means that you can now purchase paid Android apps not only from the Google Play Store but from the Amazon Appstore as well.

Although there’s really no big difference when it comes to app pricing between the two stores, one advantage that the Amazon Appstore have, as mentioned is the free apps of the day. If you’re patient enough to check out the appstore daily, you’ll chance upon a pretty good app for free.

So, to get the Amazon Appstore Android app on your Android devices, simply go to Make sure that your device allows install of apps from unverified sources. You can do this from the Settings tab.


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Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one camera lens review

olloclip iphone 5

I recently got the Olioclip iPhone 3-in-one camera len. I thought that since I’ve been using my iPhone 5 for taking shots of anything that catches my attention, I might as well extend its camera capability. So I got the Olloclip after reading great reviews from those who’ve used it.

What is Olloclip iPhone 5 lens?

To cut a long story short, I got my Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one lens  a couple of weeks ago. And true enough as published, it’s a great iPhone 5 camera accessory that adds value to the phone’s camera. The Olloclip, for those who are not aware is a small piece of ware which you clip on to your iPhone 5. Specifically you attach it on on the camera part to give you three more type of lens for the iPhone 5’s camera.

olloclip iphone 5 sample macro shot

Olloclip macro lens, wide angle lens, fish-eye

So with Olloclip iPhone 5 lens attached, you can take macro, fish eye and wide angle shots. Of these three lenses, the fish eye is probably going to be the most used for you and in fact, is the best among the three lenses.

But that doesn’t mean that the Macro and Wide-Angle shots are not as good. In fact, both lens take great photos. The Wide Angle allows you more room when framing your landscape shot by expanding its coverage. The Macro Lens on the other takes extra effort to master its use to get the best macro shot. That’s because you really have to be as close as possible to your subject for the lens to work properly. Once you’ve established the correct distance of the lens to your subject, the Macro lens will work its wonder and give you a great macro shot.

Performance and minor flaw Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one-lens

I must say that for the several times that I’ve used the Olloclip, I have no regrets in buying it. As I said, my iPhone 5 has been my point-and-shoot camera since I got it. So, it is but fitting that I add some variety to the shots I take using my iPhone 5. This, I successfully accomplished using the Olloclip.

olloclip iphone 5 fish eye shot

One flaw that I find on the Olloclip iPhone 5 lens is that it’s a bit loose when clipped to my iPhone 5, Hence, there’s a tendency for the clip to move easily and disalign itself from the camera.

Other than that, I have nothing more negative to say about this iPhone 5 camera. If you’re like me who use your iPhone 5 rigorously, the Olloclip will make you use it even more.

Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one-lens – Availability and Price

The Olloclip iPhone 5 3-in-one camera lens is available now for $69.99. You can grab one from the Olloclip website.

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Smart iPad Mini LTE and iPad with Retina Display LTE now available on Plan

smart ipad mini lte

If you’re planning to buy a new iPad Mini or iPad with Retina Display, you might want to get the Smart iPad Mini LTE which is being offered under Smart’s Plan 499 and Plan 999. The same goes true for the iPad with Retina Display LTE. Smart is offering these two tablets at a very reasonable price on flexible payment scheme.

The Smart iPad Mini LTE is available under Plan 499. This comes with  65hrs of 3G/4G/SmartLTE usage monthly. You will be charge P499 a month for data charges within those coverage limit. If you opt for this plan, you need to pay P20,990 (16GB)/P25,990(32GB)/P29,990(64) for the iPad Mini. And you can pay this on a 24-months 0% installment terms. Total monthly amortization plus P499 equals P 1,373.58 for the 16GB iPad Mini LTE, P 1,581.91 for the 32GB iPad Mini LTE or P1,748.58 for the 64GB iPad Mini LTE.

You can also get the Smart iPad with Retina Display LTE under Plan 999 or Plan 499.  For the Plan 999, it comes with unlimited 3G/4G/Smart LTE usage monthly and monthly charge of P999. This is on top of a one-time payment for the device paid in cash or using a credit card with options for a 12-month interest free installment.

Or you can also get it under plan 499 which comes with 65 hours of 3G/4G/SmartLTE usage monthly. This is on top of one-time payment or option to pay in 24 monthly amortization.

More details can be found here.

Visit your nearest Smart Wireless Centers now to grab the Smart iPad Mini LTE or Smart iPad with Retina Display LTE. For existing subscribers, a valid ID is enough for verification purposes.


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Can you actually write a blog post using swipe?


I just installed WordPress android app on  my galaxy s3 and is now composing this blog post using Swipe keyboard app. I want to know if I can write a complete blog post using this app.  That means without having to type the words.

So far it seems pretty neat. Entering words is a breeze. The word predictor is pretty accurate.

For those of you who needs to blog while on the go WordPress for android is a pretty good app to use. It’s free on Google play and I’m assuming it’s compatible with most android devices.

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