Finishing the SwimBikeRun Duaman Race, Yes! I’m a duathlete

photo credits wetSHOP

With barely three weeks of not-so-hard training, I finally did the Duaman event, the second leg of the SwimBikeRun (SBR) Tri-series. I run 3KM, road my bike for 20km and then run 3km again to join the more than 600 participants into becoming duathletes. My total time was ok enough, clocking in 1:37. It would have been faster but I sucked on the bike.

But what impressed me the most was how fast I conquered the 3K runs. I did the first run for around 17 mins. Good enough for my personal record. The early morning uphill run to Antipolo from my place to the Valley Golf loop helped a lot. Since the 3K run in the Duaman was just plain road, I didn’t had a hard time finishing it.

And what baffles me most was how I fast I recovered from biking to running the second 3K run. The first few minutes was hard but after awhile, I’ve regained my running form and finished.

Overall, it was a great experience. I’m hoping I could muster the courage to train for tri. But it’s a long a shot. I’ll be doing a couple of more duathlon perhaps and several half-marathon. Triathlon can wait. 🙂

Congrats to SwimBikeRun for a well-organized event. You guys rock!

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