Braving the Hilly Terrains of Rizal, the Sierra Madre Loop Ride (Almost!)

sierra madre loop 1

Last Saturday, I was invited by my biking buddy, Nixon for a bike ride again. Our target, to brave the hilly terrains of Rizal, via Marikina-Infanta Road, in Baras, Rizal. Our goal, to reach the infamous Sierra Madre Hotel. Before the ride, I did some research to find out the experiences of other bikers and also to find out the distance that we will have to travel. One of the famous route taken by other bikers is going up the hills of Rizal in Baras and going back down to Antipolo via Teresa Rizal. Total distance? Around 140KMs.

And so our group met up in McDo along Marcos Hi-way and start pedaling our way around 6 am. It didn’t take us too long to reach the famous Inang Baling’s pit stop somewhere in Cavinting, which is is the boundary of Marikina and Rizal. And since this is the third time that I took the said route, I didn’t really feel tired at all despite the uphill climb.

After a few minutes, we continued biking our way towards Baras. First, it was a long downhill ride which I enjoyed running at around 40kph plus. After that, it was a long uphill climb towards Baras. The inclination was not too steep compared with the one in San Mateo or even Antipolo but it was longer.

sierra madre loop 3

After one more rest somewhere in Palo Alto estate, and reaching the first gate of Garden Cottages, two of my fellow MTB-riding buddies decided to stay on while I proceeded to climb together with several riders who are riding their road bikes. It was one of the toughest uphill climb that I experience so far. But it was well worth it. Somehow, the challenge kept me going.

Unfortunately, after reaching the third gate of Garden Cottages, we decided to head back since it was almost lunch time and we have not had breakfast yet.

So it was a fast downhill ride back to where we started. Stopping by the famous Mang Vic’s Bulalohan for a rewarding lunch. After lunch we all head back west to Marcos Hi-way.

sierra madre loop 2

Overall, it was a great ride. Tiring and exhausting. The scorching heat of the sun added to the fatigue but our persistence kept us going. We will surely repeat this ride in the near future to conquer the Sierra Madre loop.

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