Cycad Phils. to hold the 18th Century Bike Ride


Last December I started riding bikes. I’ve been wanting to for the past couple of months until I decided to buy a new Mountain Bike. It’s a starter built bike that cost affordably. Nothing fancy and definitely not those high-end MTBs that will cost you a hundred thousand. I got the bike from one of the online resellers at And for the past two months, I tried to ride my MTB every weekend, at least an hour or two in the morning. My usual route is the uphill climb from lower Antipolo going up to the Biker’s tambayan in what they call, Manggahan.

To cut a long story short, this has been my morning ritual every weekend. I’ve been to the famous Timberlands biking area, biked around Marikina/San Mateo area and of course along Marcos Hi-way where they have built a bike lane. On April 21, 2013, I’m planning to join a Duathlon Race in Nuvali. It’s going to be a 3K run, 20K bike and 3K run. But before that, I’m planning to join the 18th Century Bike Ride organized by cycling group, Cycad Philippines, or Cycling Advocates.

18th cycad century bike ride

The 18th Century Ride is a 163KM fun ride starting from the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. It will traverse the eastern route passing through Marcos Hi-way, going to Sumulong Hi-way all the way up to Teresa until it reaches Mauban in Quezon Province. The estimated distance is around 163KMs.

It’s going to be a long ride but it’s a good thing that the organizers have categorized bikers into three groups. I’ll be joining the MTB group with a minimum speed of 20KPH. I hope I can catch up to the speed.

Anyway, if you’ve got nothing to do on Feb 24, you might want to join the Cycad Philippines’ 18th Century Bike Run. And do leave a comment if you’re a beginner with MTB and joining the ride. We could ride together (that is if you’re not a fast biker, hehe).

More details about the 18th Century Fun Ride can be found on the Cycad Facebook page.

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