Globe LTE Speedtest results

globe lte speedtest

So after 24 hours of waiting and testing my iPhone 5, I finally get to see the “LTE” signal this morning. But that’s after calling Globe CSR last night to ask if the Globe-issued nano SIM that I just got from the Globe Business Center in Podium was already “provisioned” for LTE. Apparently, the SIM was not LTE-provisioned by default so it’s a good thing I called Globe CSR.

So, this morning I observed if my iPhone 5 will finally get LTE. Well, it did. I was somewhere along E. Rodriguez Ave. in Manggahan Pasig and voila, 3G was gone and on its place was — LTE. I immediately fired up and got the   download speed (see image above).

Not that fast right? Somewhere along Calle Industria in Pasig, while LTE is still on I did the speedtest again and got the download speed below:

Globe LTE speedtest 3

Then somewhere in Eastwood/C5 area I got the following:

Globe LTE speedtest 2

Finally in Ortigas, the LTE download speed:

Globe LTE speedtest 1

So, there. Globe LTE is now working on my iPhone 5. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a location nearby which would register 10MBPS plus speed. Heard that folks in the Makati and BGC areas are getting a burst in speed.

Still, 6.99 mbps was fast enough. I was able to update 9 apps in just few minutes.

Have you experience Globe LTE? What was your fastest speed?

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Lazada is holding its Ultimate January Sale on January 31

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 7.25.01 PM

I just got a word from Lazada Philippines informing me that they will be having the Ultimate January Sale on January 31, 2013. Starting from 10 AM, 8 items will be released for sale a huge discount. Every hour thereafter, 8 new items will be released. These items covers various categories in Lazada’s stock inventory including Mobile and Tablets, Computers and Laptops, Consumer Electronics, Cameras and more.

If you haven’t shopped from Lazada before, well tomorrow is the best to start doing it as you’ll surely notice how convenient it is to get the products that you want at affordable prices.

And if you’re curious to know as to what products are going to be up for grabs at discounted prices tomorrow, well these will include Nikon Coolpix, Sony Smartwatch, Coby Tablets, Toshiba LED TVs and more. You can even get the iPhone 4S at 30% OFF.


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How to enable LTE on your Globe-issued iPhone 5

globe 4g lte nanosim

So, now that both Globe and Smart have announced the availability of LTE on their iPhone 5 units the next question in the minds of those who are using iPhone 5 units is how to enable LTE on their devices. So, here’s  how to enable LTE on your iPhone 5 if you’re using Globe units.

  1. Update to iOS 6.1 (Settings -> About -> Software Update)
  2. Go to Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Toggle On Enable LTE
  3. If you’re located on an area where there’s LTE, check the network beside carrier name at the top portion of your iPhone 5 screen. It should be “Globe LTE”
  4. If it’s still showing “Globe 3G” or “Globe E,” chances are you’re using a non 4G LTE nanosim.
  5. Visit a Globe Business Center and have you’re SIM replaced with a 4G LTE NanoSIM
  6. If you’re in an LTE area and you have inserted the new nanoSIM to your iPhone 5, you should have LTE enabled now on your handset.

Globe LTE are concentrated on the following areas -> Manila, Pasig City, Quezon City, Taguig City, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong, Cebu City, and Boracay.

Globe LTE service is free until further notice. So better enable it now on your iPhone 5 and enjoy up to 42mbps surfing speed.


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Apple releases iOS 6.1, enables LTE in 36 more countries including the Philippines

iOS 6.1 LTE

Apple has just released iOS 6.1 and it is now available from the Software update settings of your iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad with Retina display. iOS 6.1 brings in several new features but mainly this update is all about enabling LTE capabilities to iPhone 5 users in additional 36 countries worldwide. And yes, the Philippines is included in those countries.

This means that iPhone 5 users in the Philippines can now enjoy ultrafast wireless performance via cellular data. And so it seems.

So, I fire up Software Update on my iPhone 5 and the file was downloaded quickly. Fire it up and in a flash, my iPhone 5 was updated to iOS 6.1. How do you know that LTE is now enabled on your iPhone 5? Go to Settings -> General -> Cellular.  In the Cellular settings tab, you’ll see right after Cellular Data and new tab labeled, “Enable LTE.” Toggle it on and LTE should be enabled on your iPhone 5.

Did my iPhone 5 managed to connect to Globe LTE? Unfortunately, NOT. It’s still showing 3G connection.

Via Apple

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Infographic: Top 100 Technology Blogs to Follow in 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 6.38.25 PM

Being the #99 on a top 100 list of technology blogs is not that much. But hey, this seldom happens for this blog of mine. So here you go, I’m publishing this infographic. In coming up with the list, the creator considered stats like Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Alexa rank among other factors. If you’re a technology lover and like to read technology blogs then you should have all of the above technology blogs in your bookmarklet.
Top 100 Technology blogs to follow


An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


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Top 5 Entertainment Gadgets for 2013

The new year brings with it new hope, dreams and a new range of red hot techie gadgets for us to moon over. Here we discuss not updates of existing products but 5 top expected entertainment gadgets of 2013 that will push boundaries beyond existing lines and make us eager to go through more interesting times ahead.

1. Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S IVAccording to latest reports, one of the worlds’s leading technology companies, Samsung, will launch itsnext generation Galaxy smartphone in April 2013. The phone  is likely to have an unbreakable screen and a flexible display, meaning screens that can bend. The new Galaxy S IV, which has been code named as project J by company insiders, apart from a bigger and flexible screen display, will have a quad-core processing power, a 13 MP camera and 441 PPI, which is significantly superior to that of iPhone 5’s 326 PPI.

2. Google Glass

Google Glass

Google glass is a pair of specs that could do it without getting your hands involved. For example, while driving in the car your map route to your destination pops up in front of your eyes or while you are busy eating hands-on on the deck, you get to click the rare photo of the flying fish. That is exactly what Google glass is supposedly bringing home to consumers in 2013. Created by Sergei Brin, one of the founders of Google, the Glass is the high tech gadget piece, once science fiction used to be written about. It comes with a micro android-enabled computer within, that sends out information from the web about weather reports, messages from your friends and map directions on its glass screen for your easy perusal. It also has a camera for both still and video photography. For a further experimental analysis, a group of para-gliders has filmed their stunt with Google Glasses while diving down from the sky recently and published it on the web.

3. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

The Oculus rift is a head-mounted gadget and the first ever true 3-D video virtual reality gaming experience. Designed by Palmer Luckey, the headset remains connected to a computer and presents your environment in full 3-D vision that tracks your head movements with a field of view of about 110°. Priced at around $300, it is expected to be launched in late November 2013 and is every gamer’s fantasy come true.

4. XBox 720

XBox 720

The summer of 2013 will see the unveiling of Xbox 720 code named as Durango. Fueled by quad-core processor and 8GB RAM, the console includes Blu-ray support, 3-D gaming and the ability to record from live TV. It will supposedly also work with reality glasses.

5. Apple iTV

Apple iTV

With most of the real facts shrouded in mystery, Apple is set to turn its attentions to the TV sector with its expected launch this year of Apple iTV. The facts remain highly elusive but the efforts are definitely in speculation after the hints available in the official Steve Jobs biography of having finally cracked into this sector. Being a pet project of Sir Jonathan Ive, it is supposed to revolutionize the television industry forever by featuring the best of Apple hardware and software including iOS 6 and an enhanced version of iTunes. Some insiders also hinted it to sport a massive 50-inch display screen armed with retina display technology to bring out supreme level of clarity and sound.


With all these above mentioned gadgets and more others yet unknown in store, 2013 looks to be an exciting year to look forward to, for all hi-tech and gadget lovers across the globe. It will definitely take you to the next level in entertainment speckled with all those special moments of relaxation and fun.

About The Author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes for Hydroxycut. Find here her contribution for Hydroxycut

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