Tips to transfer ePub from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5

The newly released iPhone 5 has lot of improvements over the older iPhone models. It offers better user experience than older iPhones like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. One of the significant improvements in iPhone 5 is the large 4-inch display. It is also significantly thinner and lighter than the previous iPhone models. Reading books on this bigger screen of iPhone 5 is fantastic. So many iPhone 5 users want to transfer their ePub files from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 so that they can enjoy reading their favorite books on a bigger screen.

Many iPhone 5 users are facing difficulty in transferring ePub from old iPhone. There are lots of tools available on the internet to transfer ePub from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. Two of the most popular ePub transfer programs are the iPhone ePub transfer and ImTOO iPhone Transfer Plus. These tools can transfer ePub files between two iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

iPhone ePub transfer can transfer ePub files between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 through iTunes. Below are the steps to transfer ePub files from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 with the iPhone ePub transfer:

Step 1:Download iPhone ePub Transfer

Download iPhone ePub Transfer from the URL:

Step 2: Backup ePub files from old iPhone to iTunes

Connect your old iPhone 4S to the PC through the cable. Launch the iPhone ePub transfer application. Select the ePub files that you want to transfer to iTunes. Then click on the Export file(s) button on the screen to backup all the ePub files.

Step 3: Upload the Exported ePub Files to the New iPhone 5

Connect your iPhone 5 to the PC. Now just sync all the exported ePub files from iTunes to your new iPhone 5.

ImTOO iPhone Transfer Plus is another tool which can be used to easily transfer ePub files from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. This tool supports all the iPhone models right from the first iPhone released in 2007. You can import/export ePub files from iPhone to computer and backup them in iTunes using this tool. You can also connect two devices through Wi-Fi using this application in case you misplace your data connection cable.

The steps to use ImTOO iPhone Transfer Plus are:

Step 1:

Download and install the application from the URL: Connect your old iPhone 4S to the PC and launch the ImTOO iPhone Transfer Plus application and open a library. Select the files you want to export. Click on “Export Checked Files to iTunes” button. iTunes will open on your computer program and starts exporting the files to iTunes.

Step 2:

Launch the ImTOO iPhone Transfer Plus application and open the library that you want to import. Click on ‘Add File(s) to Device’ menu on the bottom of the application and select the option ‘Add File(s) to List’. Select the desired files in dialog box that opens next and import them to your iPhone 5. You can also transfer a whole folder by clicking on the “Add Folder to List” and identify the whole folder you want to transfer.

The beauty of this tool when compared with others is that you can directly transfer files between two iPhones or other Apple devices by connecting both of them to the PC at the same time and transfer files between them by drag-and drop.

Apple’s restriction on the transfer of ePub files between two iPhones directly using iTunes can be easily overcome by using any of the two suggested applications.

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