First impressions and quick review of the iPad Mini

Finally, after more than two weeks of waiting, the iPad Mini I ordered from Apple Online Store has arrived. Having seen this on display at some local stores in Malaysia last week got me more excited to actually use the device. And you can just imagine how excited I was when I finally got hold of the iPad Mini box and started unboxing it. It didn’t took me that long since I’ve already opened up several iOS devices.

So, when I finally got to hold the iPad Mini, I instantly fell in love with its form factor and design. I couldn’t agree more with those who’ve reviewed the iPad Mini – it’s the best-looking iPad so far. Thin and light – that’s what it is.

Then I did the customary set up process, skipping the “restore to an older back up” because I was  so eager to use it. Then – boom! There it was. The iPad Mini turned on. The display was gorgeous. I repeat, the display was gorgeous. Take note that prior to this, I’m using the third generation iPad with Retina Display. Did I miss it? NO.

The iPad Mini’s display is perfectly fine.

I continue to explore it and did not take me that long to notice the sluggish performance. This is one I missed about the iPad 3. As you all know, it has a faster processor than the iPad Mini. Loading Facebook on a Wi-Fi is a tad slow. Or maybe I’m just connected to a slow Wi-Fi network. I will have to try this out on a faster Wi-Fi later on.

But performance-wise when it comes to loading apps, switching from one app to another – the iPad Mini has responded pretty well. It may not be as fast as the iPad 3, but it still is fast when it comes to tablet standards.

Oh yes. The critics were wrong. Display is not the flaw of the iPad Mini. It’s the slower processor. But Apple has several reasons for the slower processor and smaller RAM. So be it then.

Does this make me love the iPad Mini lesser? NO.

What else do I have to say. It may not have Retina Display, its processor and RAM may be inferior to the third and fourth generation iPad – but the iPad Mini got enough bells and whistles to stand up on its own identity as a smaller iPad.

The iPad Mini is portable and adheres to the very essence of a device being a tablet – handy, highly portable, well-suited for mobile computing. Everything that fell short of your high-end smartphones, the iPad Mini has.And for that, I will have to say that I don’t regret buying it. I’ve found the perfect iPad for me. And yes, it’s a mini iPad 2.

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  1. Earliest will be in December, if not January 2013. 🙂
    Bought mine for $345 from the Apple Online Store. Plus shipping.

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