How to Buy the iPhone 5 in Singapore from Manila

Ok. It’s almost two weeks now since Apple released the iPhone 5. Non-US countries who were included in the second batch of release may or may not have depleted their stocks of the iPhone 5 already. In the meatime, here in our beloved country both Globe and Smart have not given any hint as to when they will be releasing the iPhone 5. So, if you’re not one of those “tech guys” who already got their iPhone 5 but still want to get  the device you can do so now get the iPhone 5 even if you’re in the Philippines.

I’m not talking about getting the iPhone 5 from the grey market. That would cost you a big amount of money. The cheapest price of the unlocked iPhone 5 being sold in the Philippine grey market (both Greenhills and online) is around 45K for the 16GB iPhone 5 model. The factory unlock iPhone 5 in the U.S. will cost you less than Php 30,000 plus tax. So, to get the same price as the US factory unlocked iPhone 5, you’re best bet would be to get it from the online Singapore Apple Store.

So, visit the site,  checkout your desired model of the iPhone 5, and then proceed with the purchase. Now here are the things you need before you order the iPhone 5 from the Singapore Apple Store:

1) Ask a friend who has a Singapore address to receive your iPhone 5

2) Use your friend’s name and address as your shipping address

3) Enter your Philippine issued credit card credentials

4) Use your name but your friend’s address for the billing address

5) Proceed with check out and then wait for the confirmation from the Apple Store

If your order gets into the system, you’re friend will be receiving your iPhone 5 between October 25 – November 1. That’s because the indicated shipping estimate from the Apple Store is now 3-4 weeks.

That’s it. Now to get your iPhone 5, ask around among your friends if anybody is going to Singapore or coming back to Manila from there. Ask them to meet your friend and have them bring your iPhone 5 to you here in Manila.

And guess how much you’re going to pay for the factory unlocked iPhone 5 (16GB)? Not more than Php 32,000!


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