Blurex Slim Folio Tablet Case for Google Nexus 7 – Review

After a couple of weeks looking out for the perfect case for my Galaxy Nexus 7, I finally bought one from And it’s the Blurex Slim Folio Tablet Case for Google Nexus 7. The case retails for $14.99 before shipping.

I’ll make this review short and quick. The best thing I liked about the Blurex Slim Folio Tablet Case is the fact that it serves as a multi-angle stand for the Nexus 7 when in landscape mode. Just by removing the lower claws of the cases, you can position your Nexus 7 at three various angles. It holds you tablet firmly and won’t easily be shaken off.

What holds the Nexus 7 tablet from the case are 6 claw-like clamps which does not touch the Nexus 7’s bezel at all and yet securely and firmly holds your device. I’ve never experienced the grip of the case to my Nexus 7 loosen up any bit.

When holding the case with the Nexus 7 in portrait mode (for left-handed users), there’s a strap where you can slip your hands into to make up for a strong grip on the case.

The Blurex Slim Folio Tablet Case is made from premium synthetic leather. Holding the case when folded with your bare hands is a please. You can feel the fine quality of the synthetic leather.

Finally, one of the best features of this case has got to be the fact that it can turn on/off your Nexus Tablet. It has a magnetic component wrapped inside the case and placed along the side which switch on/off the device. It’s similar to how the Apple iPad cover works. This saves battery life for your tablet.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Blurex Slim Folio Tablet case. It’s not so expensive and yet provide ample protection to my Nexus 7 tablet while at the same time providing some classy look and feel.

You can buy the Blurex Slim Folio Tablet Case for Google Nexus 7 from

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