Google Nexus 7 First Impressions

After more than a week of waiting, my Google Nexus 7 finally arrived courtesy of Johnny Air Cargo. I couldn’t wait to get home so I immediately unbox the device this morning when I got it. Contrary to what others said, I didn’t really had a hard time unboxing the Nexus 7.

Setting up the device is pretty much the same as the other Android devices that I’ve set up before. What’s unique about the Nexus 7 if you buy it from Google Play is that you’ll be asked if you want to register the device under the Google account that you are using. If you answer yes then you don’t need to log in to your Google account when setting up the device upon receipt.

After, registering your Google Account, everything pretty much follow. You’ll find out that the next time the device gets a Wi-Fi signal, it remembers the WPA key and will immediately connect your device. For some default Google apps (Currents, Gmail, YouTube, etc.) you will need to log in to your account, while for others which already remembered your password, you will be automatically logged in.

So, after setting up my various social networking accounts and news readers (Flipboard, Currents), using Gmail, watching a movie and listening to music, what’s my impressions of the Nexus 7 so far?

To be honest, there’s really nothing spectacular about it. Jelly Bean is a great OS but not really that far with what ICS can do. It’s faster and swifter than ICS, yes. But if you’re using the device for online content consumption, there are various things to consider if you are to judge its speed.

On the aesthetics, if you’re familiar with Asus tablet’s, the Nexus 7 pretty much carries most of the aesthetics quality. It’s not the best looking Android tablet around but it definitely is not the ugliest.

I have yet to explore Google Now to see if it’s really useful for me. Will include this on a more comprehensive review of the Nexus 7 later on.

Should you get the Nexus 7 tablet? This will depend on two things – you want a 7-inch tablet but dislike the Samsung Galaxy Tab and you want to get a taste of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


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  1. I am looking for replacement with my original galaxy tab, i like that wifi galaxy tab 2 7.0 but only dual core ang some say it is slow, i am also considering nexus 7, which do you think should i get?

  2. Hi! How much did Johnny Air charge you for shipping the Nexus 7? Or better yet, could you please tell us how much was the total amount you spent from buying it on Google Play till its shipping via Johnny Air? Thanks!

  3. JAC charges was around 2K. Add that to the total cost of getting the Nexus 7 from Google Store plus taxes amounting to around $210 = Php 10K+. Saves me around 2K if I bought the tablet from local outlets.

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