Apple opens iTunes Store in Several Asian Countries Including the Philippines

Finally, Apple has opened up the iTunes Store in several Asian countries, including the Philippines. Take note, this is the iTunes Store and not just the App Store. This means that you can now purchase songs and movies from the iTunes Store without needing those iTunes card or neither do you need to create a US iTunes account.

The iTunes Store in these Asian countries will also highlight local talents. In our case, several Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Unfortunately as of now, there’s few local artists available yet. Hopefully, in the coming days more music companies will launch their catalogs to the iTunes Store. And this goes out for local film companies.

It would certainly be great to see classic Filipino movies and music become available for our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

To access the Philippines iTunes Store, simply login to iTunes using your Philippines Apple account and you can start buying movies and music using your local credit cards. Have fun!

Via [Apple]

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