Android Case for your Smart Galaxy S3

For the past couple of days now, I’ve been looking at nearby malls for a nice case that I can use for my Smart Galaxy S3. I was unlucky to find anything yet. A Samsung Mobile store in SM Megamall told me that they recently sold 20 pieces of the official Samsung Flip cover, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover that came free when I got it.

So my search for the best Samsung Galaxy S3 case continues. Luckily, I just found this one unique case for the Smart Galaxy S3 which is currently on pre-order from MobileFun UK. In terms of features, there’s really nothing to rave about from this Samsung Galaxy S3 case. It’s your usual smartphone case that attaches to the back of your device. Although not indicated on the site, it’s pretty obvious that the case is made of soft, rubber materials.

The case will protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 from the usual bumps and scratches and it seems that it doesn’t make the Galaxy S3 thicker either. This is good and precisely what I’ve been looking for.

But wait, there’s one more special thing about this Samsung Galaxy S3 Case – it has the Android creature embedded on the case. This is perfect for the Galaxy S3 and it comes in cheap as well – at £19.95.

Hopefully, the case becomes available soon not only in the UK but in other countries as well. I’m very much interested in getting this Galaxy S3 case.

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