SGP Crumena Leather Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S3  (be it the Smart Galaxy S3 or the Globe Galaxy S3) so far? No matter how durable our beloved device is, it still deserves some protection and love. And just like a tradition, you’re probably scouting for a Samsung Galaxy S3 Protector and Samsung Galaxy S3 case right now.

Unfortunately, there is no official Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories available yet. Unlike when the Samsung Galaxy Note was released, Samsung was kind enough to also came up with an official case and cover.

It’s a going thing there are third-party manufacturers around. But since the Samsung Galaxy S3 is fairly new and is not yet available worldwide, it would be a bit harder to find a Samsung Galaxy S3 case. Well, at least in our local mobile phone stores. You can probably find cheap ones in Greenhills but then the Samsung Galaxy S3 is such a premium device that it needs the best protection possible.

To cut a long story short, I scoured the web looking for a Samsung Galaxy S3 case online. There are quite a few of them from but I decided to look around on the SGP store. Luckily I found one – the SGP Crumena leather case for Samsung Galaxy S3.

There’s nothing fancy about the leather case. No special features or whatsoever. But still, the fact that it was made from genuine leather makes this case a must buy. It’s available in black white and brown, so you have three option and any color of  the case looks elegant and classy. The inner layer of the case is made from soft material that protects your device from scratches.

The SGP Crumena leather case for Samsung Galaxy S3 retails for $29.99 and it’s available now online from the SGP store.

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