First Impression, Samsung Galaxy S3 now running on Smart network

So finally, after 72 hours of waiting since I got hold of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and after several follow-up tweets with Smart Philippines Twitter account, the new plan that I’ve signed up for was activated. My device is now truly a Smart Galaxy S3 smartphone. So, how is it so far? Well, this is not really the first time that I have a Smart mobile plan. Prior to subscribing with Globe, I use to have a Smart account. But that was decades ago.

Now, I’m back with Smart and enjoying its high-speed connectivity  together with the high-processing power of the Smart Galaxy S3. To make an initial assessment of the Smart’s network speed, I check it up using the Android app. There result below.

As of 5:46 am, Marikina, Antipolo area.

As of 9:35 am, Ortigas, Mandaluyong Area


So far I’m loving the speed that Smart is giving my Smart Galaxy S3. It renders web pages faster than my Globe  iPhone 4S. But then of course, the iPhone 4S is on 3G network only. What’s good to note here is that so far, the phone’s signal rarely change to “3G” and remains to be on HSPA+ (H on the phone’s status bar).  This means that Smart’s 4G network is getting pretty stable lately.

Right  decision to get the Smart Galaxy S3 with Smart unlimited data plan indeed!

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