Smart Galaxy S3 Unboxing and First Impression

The Samsung Galaxy S3, ย in case you didn’t know has been launched by both Smart Philippines and Globe Telecoms last Friday. Smart followed it up with another special Smart Galaxy S3 event the following day, this time handing out the units of those who pre-ordered online. I’m not aware of what Globe did next after the launch on Friday but it looks like Smart PH outsmarted Globe this time when it comes to truly promoting the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Anyway, going back to the Smart Galaxy S3 that I got from Smart. I have the ceramic white since I think it’s the only model available right now. It was a blessing in disguise actually since I love the pristine-white look of the device. It could very well compete with my white iPhone 4S when it comes to look and appearance.

The Smart Galaxy S3 has the same all-white box of other latest Samsung flagship smartphones. Inside the box you’ll find the Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories which are pretty much what you’ll normally expect – USB cable, power adapter, printed guides, earphones. Nothing special on the accessories and everything are essential stuff that you’ll need to get you started using the phone.

Prior to getting the Samsung Galaxy S3, I’ve covered dozens of news about it and was aware of initial impressions about its form factor. Photos did not impress me that much and even thought to myself that it doesn’t look stunning at all. But I was wrong. The moment I hold the Smart Galaxy S3 in my hand, I was simply blown away by its beauty, lightness and sleek form factor and design.

Here you can see it side by side with the Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 4S

The Smart Galaxy S3 is one sexy gadget, period.

Ops! Sorry I got carried away again. To continue with the unboxing. Let’s look now at the different parts of the Smart Galaxy S3.

There’s the power button

The USB port

The 3.55 mm audio jack

The 8MP camera, LED flash, speaker and 2100 mAh battery

Overall, I’m very impressed with the look and feel of the Smart Galaxy S3. Samsung did it right this time, making its flagship smartphone appealing to both male and female users. The first Samsung Galaxy S was a bit too sexy for male users and then it became too manly in the Samsung Galaxy S2. This time around the Smart Galaxy S3 has that form factor that will cater to both sexes.

Of course, these are all about the look and feel. There is still the question of performance and usability. But I will save that for later as I’m still waiting for Smart PH to activate my new data plan (hurry please Smart). So, check back later for the full review of the Smart Galaxy S3.

Finally, for those who are planning to get the Smart Galaxy S3, it’s available from Smart PH under its Unli Plan 2000. As of this writing, it’s not yet available on prepaid and other data plans. The Smart Unli Plan 2000 comes with a 30 months lock-in period which is pretty fair since you’ll be consuming data anyway with the Smart Galaxy S3. I mean, that’s the only way you can enjoy this device or any other smartphones for that matter.

Note: Thanks to Smart PH for giving me a free Rocket Plug It, although I already have the Smart Bro Wi-Fi thingie, I’ll definitely find use for the Rocket Plug-it later on.

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  1. Hi, I got my phone last June 2 at Jump however up to now my line has not been activated. Was your line activated immediately?

  2. @Hi Hazel – Got my unit June 1 and it has been activated after 72 hours. Expect your line to be activated by tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Compared with Note, HDMI and back illuminated sensor are the new add-ons. But note still have the following good points:
    1. OTA OS updating
    2. 800X1280 screen res as compared with S3’s 720×1280
    3. With USB mass storage support /PC sync
    4. Higher megapixel camera

    I’m interested on the battery life as that’s my biggest problem with my Samsung Note. Please let us know:)

  4. @Hazel – So far so good. Loving the crisp and vibrant display, the smart features and of course faster performance especially when running on Smart HSDPA+ network. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Kups – I’ll give 1 and 2 to the NOTE, but both have the same 8MP camera but the S3 has zero-lag-time shutter. As for #3, i’m not so sure but I think S3 has that feature. I have yet to test the battery life and will do so tomorrow. Planning to turn on 3G, use it to check my email, FB, Twitter, G+ plus download some apps, and everything to see how long its battery will last. But today, I’m pretty much satisfied with the mobile service on for half a day.

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