Smart offers up the Samsung Galaxy S III for free on UnliPlan 2000

So it has now become a battle of who’s giving out the better data plan for the Samsung Galaxy S III. As announced previously, Globe has already started accepting pre-orders last week and just now, Smart announced that it will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy S III. This time around, Smart is offering it under its UnliPlan 2000. And that goes with no cash-out.

Let’s see Globe is offering the unit free for plan Php 2499? Both Smart and Globe are giving out free unlimited data. So, which are you going to choose then?

Yugatech mentioned something about Smart’s UnliPlan 2000 for the Samsung Galaxy S III going for 30 months contract while Globe is giving it on 24 months contract only. If you do the math, you’ll end up with the following computations:

2000 x 30 = Php 60,000 (This is how much you’re going to spend if you opt for SmarT)

2499 x 24 = Php 59,976 (This is how much you’re going to spend if you opt for GlobE)

Not really a big difference, right? The thing here is that Globe will only tie you up for 24 months while Smart will tie you up for 30 months. Plus you also need to consider strength of signals of each depending on your locations.

So, where are you getting your Samsung Galaxy S III from?


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