Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N Dual-Sim Smartphone Review

The Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N is an entry-level dual-SIM Android smartphone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. With a price tag of Php5,699, you can consider this device as a budget-friendly phone. And the fact that it has dual-SIM capabilities make it worth the price you have to pay for the phone. But the question is, does the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  can perform well when put into day-to-day usage?

I was fortunate enough to be sent with a review unit of the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  and have been using the phone for a week now. And here’s my quick review of the phone.


My first reaction upon holding the phone is that it is one tough handset. You can immediately feel that this phone can withstand even the most rugged conditions. The unit is all black and has a pretty nice metallic black plastic on the sides which gives the phone a more rugged and yet classy look.

Upfront is a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with three dedicated touchscreen buttons for Menu, Search and Back. Interestingly, the Home button gets its own physical button instead of being aligned with the Menu and Back button.I’m not really sure whether the Search button will be of constant use especially since it brings out the Google search bar where you can immediately do a search. Take note that doing so will entail data charges and unless your using a SIM with unlimited charges, or constantly connected to a Wi-Fi network, I’m pretty sure, you’d be wary of using that Search button.

Anyway, back to the design of this phone. The screen is a 320×480 resolution with 256k colors which is just about enough for a decent display capability especially since the phone’s screen display is pretty small.

Going to the top side of the device you’ll find a 3.5mm audio jack, while on the right side there’s the volume rocker, and power/sleep button. On the left is the microUSB port which you can use to connect the power adapter and USB data connection.

At the back of the phone you’ll find the 3.0MP camera. Removing the back panel will reveal the phone’s battery pack and if you remove it you’ll see the device’s dual SIM card slot as well as the microSD card slot.

Overall, when it comes to design, the Alcatel managed to come up with a pretty decent phone. Despite being a budget-friendly phone, there’s nothing in the design of this phone that will tell you that it is a cheap phone.


The Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is equipped with a 3.0MP camera sans auto-focus and flash. Photo quality is nothing spectacular and just about what you can expect from a 3MP camera.

Day to Day Performance

The Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is powered by a 650MHz processor and runs Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OS. You can pretty much do enough customizations to make the phone’s overall interface suit your preferences.

The phone’s touchscreen features is pretty decent. There are lag times when responding to your touch gesture, yes. But it’s not too much for you to dislike the phone’s overall performance.

The phone’s battery is rated at 1300mAh. That’s about enough to give you up to two days of normal usage minus 3G. But when 3G is always on, the phone will only last you a few hours more than a day of usage.

Dual SIM Feature

As mentioned, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is a dual-SIM phone. On the homescreen you’ll see the status of the  the SIM 1 and SIM 2. If you go to SETTINGS, you can, you’ll find the SIM Management as the first option. From here you can set the date connection of both your SIMS. You can switch from one SIM to another via the Status Bar.

Final Words

All told, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is definitely a capable smartphone that won’t your wallet too much. It’s highly recommended if you’re jumping from a feature phone to a smartphone. It’s also a good option if you are jumping into the Android bandwagon. The dual-SIM capability is a bonus feature that you’ll surely love especially if you are maintaining two SIM cards from different networks.

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