The New iPad will be officially available in the Philippines on May 29!

Yes! Finally, Apple was given the go signal to bring in the new iPad to Philippine shores. Or should I say, the NTC has finished scrutinizing the new iPad and finally gave it the nod to be sold in the Philippine markets? And so, the exact date of release of the new iPad will be on May 29. That will be 11 days from now.

How did I know of the exact date? Check out this regional page of the new iPad’s availability on the Apple site. It lists down all the Asian countries where the iPad is already available for sale. Although the Philippines is included, it does have a notation which states that the new iPad will be available on May 29.

The new iPad will be available from the Philippine Apple Online store, authorized Apple resellers and Globe Telecoms.

So hopefully, you’ve saved enough for the new iPad models of you choice.

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