How to Get the New iPad in the Philippines, for Free!

As reported, the new iPad is now available in our beloved country, the Philippines starting today. Digital Hub and Beyond the Box will have the new iPad in-stores starting tomorrow, May 31, 2012. Meanwhile, Globe which is offering the new iPad Wi-Fi+ Cellular under its data plans has launched the new iPad with a grand shindig last night. During the said event, celebrity new iPad ambassadors were introduced to the media. And one of these ambassadors was Georgina Wilson.

Now, what does that have to do with getting the new iPad for free? Well,  in case you’re on Twitter, I advise you now to follow Georgina ( Her royal hotness posted a tweet a couple of hours ago that she will giving away a new iPad for any of her follower who will post the most creative, compelling, intriguing and interesting tweet answering the question – what are you going to do with a new iPad?

Simple, right? So what are you waiting for. Georgina says she’ll pick the best tweet and announce the lucky person tomorrow. Go ahead guys spam her Twitter timeline and when you do, don’t forget to include the hastag #newTATOOiPAD. Good luck!

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New iPad available now from Apple Store Philippines, Price starts at Php 23,990

A couple of hours ago, the Philippine Apple Store went down for maintenance only to go up right now with a surprise. Yes, Pinoy iPad fans, finally after several months of anticipation – the New iPad, iPad 3, 3rd Gen iPad or whatever you want to call it is now available in the Philippines. You can order the new iPad from the online Apple Store right now.

The Apple Store promises to deliver the new iPad if you order now in 1-3 days. That fast! Supply is still ample right now. But hurry up and pre-order your new iPad now as I’m pretty sure, initial stocks will be depleted soon.

To guide you in buying the new iPad from the online Philippine Apple Store here are the pricing details for all the new iPad models.

  • 16 GB Wi-Fi only  – Php 23,990
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi only – Php 28,990
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi only – Php 33,990
  • 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – Php 29,990
  • 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – Php 34,990
  • 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – Php 39,990

So, which iPad are you getting? Both the white and black models are available as well.

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Globe offers the new iPad on post-paid plans

Available for 12 months to pay 0% interest in selected credit cards
*Minimum speed is 12-48kbps. Minimum service reliability is 80%
**Plan 499 has 50 hours on regular browsing rate (P2.50/15 minutes) and can be stretched to 292 hours using Supersurf promos
(Please see for more details.)
Plan 499 maximum bill is P999. Excess usage beyond P999 is permitted and is without additional cost.

Last we heard, the availability of the new iPad from authorized resellers in the Philippines will be delayed for a few days. But for Globe Telecoms, the March 29 (that’s today!) release date will push through. However, it will be for the new iPad Wi-Fi+Cellular models only. And to get one of the three models available of the new iPad you have to get any of the two Globe postpaid plans – Plan 499 and Plan 999. Either plans will cost you initial cash-out to payout for the unit.

Seriously? What’s the incentive to get the new iPad with those plans where in fact you can get it from authorized resellers at base prices in just a few days? Anyway, there might be some of you who would still opt to get your new iPad from Globe. So read the fine prints first to know that you’re getting yourself into.

Oh, and have fun with your new iPad when you get it!

And here’s where you can order your iPad with Globe postpaid plans.

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Smart offers up the Samsung Galaxy S III for free on UnliPlan 2000

So it has now become a battle of who’s giving out the better data plan for the Samsung Galaxy S III. As announced previously, Globe has already started accepting pre-orders last week and just now, Smart announced that it will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy S III. This time around, Smart is offering it under its UnliPlan 2000. And that goes with no cash-out.

Let’s see Globe is offering the unit free for plan Php 2499? Both Smart and Globe are giving out free unlimited data. So, which are you going to choose then?

Yugatech mentioned something about Smart’s UnliPlan 2000 for the Samsung Galaxy S III going for 30 months contract while Globe is giving it on 24 months contract only. If you do the math, you’ll end up with the following computations:

2000 x 30 = Php 60,000 (This is how much you’re going to spend if you opt for SmarT)

2499 x 24 = Php 59,976 (This is how much you’re going to spend if you opt for GlobE)

Not really a big difference, right? The thing here is that Globe will only tie you up for 24 months while Smart will tie you up for 30 months. Plus you also need to consider strength of signals of each depending on your locations.

So, where are you getting your Samsung Galaxy S III from?


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Globe now accepting Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Orders, Free on Plan 2499

Just a quick note to remind you all that Globe is now accepting pre-orders for the upcoming, much-anticipated, power-packed Samsung Galaxy S3. As expected Globe is offering the phone under its various mobile data plans. For those who don’t want to spend outright, you can have the phone for free, provided that you get a new plan 2499. It’s also available under the Globe Unli Plan 999 which will cost you a monthly cashout of Php 1699.00.

Of course, there are other mobile data plan that you can opt to get together with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Both the Pebble Blue and White models of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are available. After signing up for the pre-order process, the Globe site says that a representative will call you the soonest time possible.

Unfortunately, no words were said as to when Globe will release the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you really want to own one of the best Android smartphones to be released yet, pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S3 from Globe now. This link will lead you there.

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Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N Dual-Sim Smartphone Review

The Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N is an entry-level dual-SIM Android smartphone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. With a price tag of Php5,699, you can consider this device as a budget-friendly phone. And the fact that it has dual-SIM capabilities make it worth the price you have to pay for the phone. But the question is, does the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  can perform well when put into day-to-day usage?

I was fortunate enough to be sent with a review unit of the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  and have been using the phone for a week now. And here’s my quick review of the phone.


My first reaction upon holding the phone is that it is one tough handset. You can immediately feel that this phone can withstand even the most rugged conditions. The unit is all black and has a pretty nice metallic black plastic on the sides which gives the phone a more rugged and yet classy look.

Upfront is a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with three dedicated touchscreen buttons for Menu, Search and Back. Interestingly, the Home button gets its own physical button instead of being aligned with the Menu and Back button.I’m not really sure whether the Search button will be of constant use especially since it brings out the Google search bar where you can immediately do a search. Take note that doing so will entail data charges and unless your using a SIM with unlimited charges, or constantly connected to a Wi-Fi network, I’m pretty sure, you’d be wary of using that Search button.

Anyway, back to the design of this phone. The screen is a 320×480 resolution with 256k colors which is just about enough for a decent display capability especially since the phone’s screen display is pretty small.

Going to the top side of the device you’ll find a 3.5mm audio jack, while on the right side there’s the volume rocker, and power/sleep button. On the left is the microUSB port which you can use to connect the power adapter and USB data connection.

At the back of the phone you’ll find the 3.0MP camera. Removing the back panel will reveal the phone’s battery pack and if you remove it you’ll see the device’s dual SIM card slot as well as the microSD card slot.

Overall, when it comes to design, the Alcatel managed to come up with a pretty decent phone. Despite being a budget-friendly phone, there’s nothing in the design of this phone that will tell you that it is a cheap phone.


The Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is equipped with a 3.0MP camera sans auto-focus and flash. Photo quality is nothing spectacular and just about what you can expect from a 3MP camera.

Day to Day Performance

The Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is powered by a 650MHz processor and runs Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OS. You can pretty much do enough customizations to make the phone’s overall interface suit your preferences.

The phone’s touchscreen features is pretty decent. There are lag times when responding to your touch gesture, yes. But it’s not too much for you to dislike the phone’s overall performance.

The phone’s battery is rated at 1300mAh. That’s about enough to give you up to two days of normal usage minus 3G. But when 3G is always on, the phone will only last you a few hours more than a day of usage.

Dual SIM Feature

As mentioned, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is a dual-SIM phone. On the homescreen you’ll see the status of the  the SIM 1 and SIM 2. If you go to SETTINGS, you can, you’ll find the SIM Management as the first option. From here you can set the date connection of both your SIMS. You can switch from one SIM to another via the Status Bar.

Final Words

All told, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N  is definitely a capable smartphone that won’t your wallet too much. It’s highly recommended if you’re jumping from a feature phone to a smartphone. It’s also a good option if you are jumping into the Android bandwagon. The dual-SIM capability is a bonus feature that you’ll surely love especially if you are maintaining two SIM cards from different networks.

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The New iPad will be officially available in the Philippines on May 29!

Yes! Finally, Apple was given the go signal to bring in the new iPad to Philippine shores. Or should I say, the NTC has finished scrutinizing the new iPad and finally gave it the nod to be sold in the Philippine markets? And so, the exact date of release of the new iPad will be on May 29. That will be 11 days from now.

How did I know of the exact date? Check out this regional page of the new iPad’s availability on the Apple site. It lists down all the Asian countries where the iPad is already available for sale. Although the Philippines is included, it does have a notation which states that the new iPad will be available on May 29.

The new iPad will be available from the Philippine Apple Online store, authorized Apple resellers and Globe Telecoms.

So hopefully, you’ve saved enough for the new iPad models of you choice.

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Globe Telecoms to accept pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on May 23

This is it folks! For all of you who are eyeing to get the new Samsung Galaxy S3, Globe Telecoms took ahead and announced that it will start accepting pre-orders for the said device starting May 23. According to Yugatech, Globe will be offering the SGS3 under its My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo. This plan comes with unlimited browsing, bonus calls and text services, and choice of unli booster.

Check out the Globe Samsung Galaxy S3 page on May 23 to have your chance of becoming the first few owners of this wonderful smartphone.

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LG Summer Price Drop Deals on Three Smartphones

Officially, summer has not ended yet despite the occassional downpours. So, it’s not too late to grab any one of the three smartphone deals being offered by LG Philippines. This is part of the LG Summer Price Drop Deals. The three LG Smartphones are the LG Prada, LG Optimus Black and LG Optimus Net Dual Sim.

I’ve read and heard about the LG Prada and LG Optimus Black before but I didn’t know that there is the LG Optimus Net Dual Sim. But anyway, the offers are as follow:

  • LG Prada for Php 25,990 (Original Price – Php 29,990)
  • LG Optimus Black for Php 13,990 (Original Price – Php 15,990)
  • LG Optimus Net Dual Sim for Php 7,990 (Original Price – Php 8,990)

Seems like the LG Prada is the best deal of them all considering that it’s being offered 4K less from its original price. Specs-wise, it also has the best of the three phones. These features include 4.3-inch NOVA High Brightness Display, 1.0GHz dual-core processor, Android Gingerbread, and 8MP camera.

More information about these deals can be found from the LG Official Page and Facebook page.

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New iPad is arriving in 30 more countries, not yet for the Philippines

News had it that Apple is set to give the go signal for 30 more countries to start selling the new iPad. Unfortunately, the Philippines is not yet included? Why? Well according to reports, the Philippines plus a few more countries are yet to officially approved the availability of the new iPad in the local market. No words yet as to when the new iPad be finally available in Manila so if you can’t wait for some more weeks or perhaps day, you might as well buy the new iPad now from the grey market.


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