How iPhone hit Android Smartphone

Archrival iOS of iPhone from Apple and Android from the house of Google are once again in a head-on fight mode. Almost four years back, iPhone came into existence and instantly it became a rage among the gadget enthusiasts all around the globe. Right from its inception it had to fiercely compete with other existing contenders in the smart phone segment, not only in terms of cutting edge hardware but also in software.

When Apple was launched in the market, Android became its rival in the OS almost right away. Apple always tries to make sure to bombard its app store with new and newer apps, to keep the target audience hooked and looking for more. And this time a new but innovative photo sharing apps are giving Apple the edge over Google. On the other hand Google too is trying very hard to snatch away
market share of iOS, by constant innovation and up gradation.

The Dent in the iPhone Bastion by Google Android

Of late even Apple is facing the obvious challenges and threat posed by Google Android to its iPhone, though it’s still insanely popular among buyers all over the world. It’s fact that when Apple rolled out their smartphone, it defined new standards and benchmarks in terms of quality and innovation and instantly became market leader.

According to some recent study reports, in some European market, people have started to opt for Android powered smartphones, over Apple iPhones. Reportedly in the UK, the market share of Google Android is 2% ahead of iOS, at 28%. Some of the key areas where Android is giving stiff competition to Apple are discussed below.

Looks & Design

No doubt Apple brought in a revolutionary design, but more or less they preferred to remain static and on the other hand Android comes with a wide range of models & designs to choose from. Moreover Android is much more flexible than iOS, you can customize it in many ways, just the way which pleases you. But iOS provided very limited options in this regard. And in an era, where everyone prefers
maximum customization, it’s definitely not in favor of Apple.

Availability & Accessibility of Apps

Still the Apple app store has way more apps than Android, with a staggering 350,000 mark, whereas Android has only around 150,000 apps. But the pace of addition of new apps in Android app store is mindboggling, owing to its open nature. Anyone can create and add an app in it. But in this case also, Apple prefers to be selective and protective.

Any new app to get added there has to pass through their strict approval process. So, considering the present trend, it’s legitimate to predict that t very soon the number of Android apps may surpass Apple’s.

Cost Factor

Above all, cost is also a key factor, while comparing Apple iPhone and any other Android powered smartphone. iPhones still remains costlier than most of the other smart phones.

Apple’s Strategy to Stay Ahead

Despite all these, Apple iPhone is still a market leader in a specific segment. Notably among medical professionals, they are hugely popular owing to some of their custom made apps for doctors, such as ‘WebMD’ & ‘iTriage’. The recent acquisition of Instagram, by social networking giant Facebook paying a whopping $1 billion, has added to the aura and charm of this online photo sharing site and its
mobile application. But the app is already outrageously popular among iPhone users, till date the app is downloaded more than 27 million times and still counting. Motivated with this new trend Android is also looking towards launching the app in their version.

The Verdict

Of course, Google isn’t in the business of hardware, but the software on which a smart phone runs, acts as its soul and functions at the very core. So Google Android is definitely a threat to Apple and in the competition is only going to get hotter.

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