Temple Run released on Google Play aka Android Market

In any list of great games for iOS devices, Temple Run is always included. This has become the subject of envy among Android users. But today, that envy has just ended as Temple Run for Android has been released on Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market). Temple Run for Android is available now as a free download. It’s the same game as the iOS version and I guess the only difference will depend on what Android device you are using.

I downloaded Temple Run and played it for a couple of minutes and all I can say is that, the game looks gorgeous on my Samsung Galaxy Note. Even my 6 year old daughter who is a better Temple Run player than myself exclaimed, “Wow! It looks clearer!”

So, if you’ve been waiting for Temple Run for Android, follow the link below to download the game from Google Play, it’s free.

Via [Google Play]

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