How and Where to Get the “New iPad” aka iPad 3 If You’re in Manila, Philippines

As you may have read in various tech sites a couple of hours ago, Apple has revealed the latest generation of iPad. The new iPad will have the same models as the iPad 2. Even the price range for all models were the same when the iPad 2 was introduced. Since, Apple will still continue selling the iPad 2, its price has to be lower than the new iPad. Given those facts, are you planning to get the new iPad? It will be available in Apple Stores in several countries by March 16. Pre-ordering has already started from these stores as well.

Unfortunately, the Philippine Apple Store is not among those which will be getting the iPad on March 16. The good news is that distribution of the new iPad seems to be in a rush so Apple decided to include Singapore and Hong Kong as among the countries which will be getting the new iPad together with the U.S. and Canada.

So, if you’re in Manila, Philippines and you want to buy the new iPad, you’re best bet will be to get this from either the Hong Kong or Singapore online Apple stores. Another good news here is that you can use your Philippine issued credit card to purchase the iPad from these stores. All you need is a valid Hong Kong or Singapore address where Apple will send your new iPad 2. I’ve done this when the iPhone 4S was released in Singapore. No hitch or whatsoever.

So, are you buying the new iPad? You better pre-order it now to ensure that you’ll be getting your unit starting March 16, 2012. Good luck!

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