Smart is Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Available on Jan 28!

Smart has just started accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In case you’re not aware, the Galaxy Nexus happens to be the first Android smartphone to be released with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. So, here’s your chance to be among the few individuals to own this smartphone. And Smart Communications also happens to be the sole distributor of the Galaxy Nexus in the Philippines.

The good news here is that Smart is not playing greedy and is offering the Galaxy Nexus for free under its unlimited data plan 2000 or all-in plan 3,500. That of course comes with a lock-in period of 24 months. It’s a pretty good deal even if you have no plans of getting a Smart plan. The truth is you really have to get this phone with an unlimited data, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy all its features.

Anyway, the pre-ordering for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Smart will run starting January 21 to 27. You can pick up your unit on January 28 from the designated Smart Wireless Center of your choice.

You can pre-order your Samsung Galaxy Nexus from here.


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