Cases for Your Samsung Galaxy Note

Did you get the Samsung Galaxy Note for Christmas? If you did, one thing that you won’t want to happen to your expensive smartphone is to scratch or dent its beautiful body. So you need to get case for your Galaxy Note ASAP. Unfortunately, if you didn’t get the official Samsung Leather Flip case, you’re not going to find it too easy to find the best Galaxy Note case.

So, we’ve scoured the web for some nice cases for the Galaxy Note and found the following really nice cases. Hope you’ll be able to choose one that suits your needs. Most of these cases are made from high-grade material. And most of them can be purchased online and needs to be imported. If you want cheaper alternatives, I’ve heard there are couple of Galaxy Note cases available now from Greenhills.

Anyway, here we go with some nice Galaxy Note cases:

SGP Galaxy Note Leather Wallet Case Valentinus Series

SGP cases have been my favorite for the different gadgets that I’ve bought. I a couple of SGP cases for my iPhone 4S as well as for my Galaxy S II. For the Galaxy Note, SGP got a couple of nice cases. But the one that caught my fancy was this Leather Wallet Case that belongs to the SGP Valentinus series. According to the SGP Online Store:

SGP’s Valentinos Leather Wallet Case Series is designed to protect the Galaxy Note from damage while also functioning as a convenient wallet. The Valentinos Wallet combines the properties of both a sturdy case and a luxurious wallet.

This Galaxy Note Case costs – $44.99 but it is still listed as coming soon. So, check out the site from time to time to find out when it will become available.

Zenus Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 i9220 Prestige Vintage G-Note Diary Leather Case

This Samsung Galaxy Note Case is being sold on eBay. If you check out the manufacturer’s site, it’s nowhere listed from its catalog. So you’re best bet in getting it is to trust the eBay reseller and purchase the case from him/her.

The case is available in brown or white and is being sold for $65.99. Like the SGP case, it also function as a holder for your credit cards and paper bills.

PielFrame Magnum Case for Galaxy Note


This Samsung Galaxy Note case looks pretty good. According to the manufacturer, it was handmade and is made of high quality cowskin. It features an inner thermoplastic polymer structure with high resistence and perfect fitting. It has snap closure system, and rotable and complete removable from the included belt clip. This case goes for 90 €. It’s pretty expensive because of the cowskin material.

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