Arnold Digital’s Top Gadgets of 2011

A few hours before 2011 ends and 2012 begins, allow me to give you my top gadgets of 2011. Take note, I personally used (and owned) all of these top five gadgets of 2011. Four of them are still with me. While the only one who’ve left me a few months ago was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which I found to be a redundant since I already have the iPad 2.  Anyway, I still find it as one of the top gadgets that I’ve owned for this year. The rest of the top five gadgets of 2011 for are as follow:

1.) Samsung Galaxy Note

Being the the latest of the gadgets I purchased this year, the Samsung Galaxy Note has to be on top. Although it’s only a few months into 2011, still as of latest report, Samsung announced that it has already shipped more than a million units of the Galaxy Note. And that doesn’t include shipment to the United States yet since it was not officially released there yet. There are so many things to love about the Galaxy Note. If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds – smartphone and tablet – this is the perfect gadget for you.

2.) iPad 2

Still my tablet of choice that belongs in the 7-10 inches category. There are so many things to love with the iPad 2 as well. And with iOS 5, its stock features and functionality have become more powerful, useful and so much to desire about. The only tablet that can beat the iPad 2 has got to be the upcoming iPad 3. So Apple, take your time because I still want to enjoy my iPad 2 some more this year.


3.) Samsung Galaxy S II

It has to come first before the iPhone 4S for the simple reason that I firmly believe that the SGS II beats the iPhone 4S in so many ways. But don’t get me wrong, I still love my iPhone 4S, it’s just that the Galaxy S II’s larger screen display and the customization that you can do with it makes this smartphone better than the iPhone 4S.

4.) iPhone 4S

Of course, the iPhone 4S is still one of the top gadgets that I acquired this year. With or without SIRI, I’m still going to buy the iPhone 4S. I love the 8MP, super-enhanced camera that with super video capture features. Despite the lack of design changes as compared to the iPhone 4, I still find the iPhone 4S a beauty to behold. Oh yes, SIRI takes some time to get use to but in due time, you’ll find SIRI useful.

5.) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I wanted to buy the Galaxy Tab 8.9 but it took some time before Samsung released it so I had to contend with the Tab 10.1. For awhile I found the said tablet fascinating but its size becomes a liability after several months of using it. The Honeycomb OS is one of the Tab 10.1’s saving feature. It’s a pretty good Android tablet nonetheless.Runners Up:

Huawei Honor

This underrated Android smartphone is a pretty powerful device. It’s a pity that it’s not getting the publicity that it deserves. If you’re looking for an affordable and yet powerful Android smartphone – the Huawei Honor is one good option.

Amazon Kindle 4th Generation

If you want an honest-to-goodness e-book reader minus the fuzz, this is the device that you should buy.

There you go. What are your top gadgets of 2011? And what are the upcoming gadgets that you’re looking forward in 2012? iPad 3, iPhone 5, Google Tablet?

With that, I would like to greet you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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