Globe and Smart to Release the iPhone 4S on December 16

Globe and Smart iPhone 4S

In case you haven’t heard about the news yet, both Globe and Smart are releasing the iPhone 4S at the same time on December 16. Both companies are now displaying the iPhone 4S sign-up pages on their respective websites. Unfortunately both have not disclose details about the release of the iPhone 4S except for the date. Even if you sign up for your interest to get the iPhone 4S, nothing on the registration form states something about pricing and plan details for the iPhone 4S.

The good news here is that even if you signify your interest, you are not compelled to push through if in case the deals to be given out by any of the two companies don’t suit you. So, if you’re really serious about getting the iPhone 4S from any of these carriers, you might as well signify your interest as early as now. I’m pretty sure, there will be few units available come December 16.

Who’s getting the iPhone 4S and from which carrier?

Here’s the sign up pages  for Smart and for Globe.

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