Huawei Honor Unboxed, First Impressions That Will Last

Huawei-Honor-Android-SmartphoneI received a review unit of the Huawei Honor (U8660) a couple of days ago and I have been putting it into rigorous use since then. First introduced sometime in September, the Huawei Honor is being touted as a mid-range smartphone but with its specs and features, I will have to say that it doesn’t really belong in that category. I’ll tell you why once I finished writing a full review which I’m going to post on in the coming days.

In the meantime, here are some unboxing photos of the Huawei Honor.

The Huawei Honor U8660 box


Here are the accessories inside the Huawei Honor’s box – USB cable, earphone and adaptor plug


The 3.5mm port, power button and volume rocker

The Huawei Honor battery and white back cover

The Huawei Honor in-between the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II

My initial impressions of the Huawei Honor? Like I said, this phone should be categorized among the current crop of advanced smartphone in the market today. So far, I’m liking this phone’s form factor which is very similar to the Google Nexus One phone.

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  1. I just bought a Huawei phone from a mall here in Manila, as I have compared to any available cheaper unit with androids… like the samsung galaxy y young, LG, etc… In my opinion, I like the features of my Huawei phone…cheaper, great quality with faster browsing feature…

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