Globe is Now Processing iPhone 4S Orders, Release in Manila Could Be Anytime Soon!


A couple of days ago, Yugatech broke the “news” that Globe seemed to have “leaked out” the pre-order page for iPhone 4S. In case you’ve been monitoring the iPhone 4S Manila news, Smart recently announced (via an interview with MVP) that the iPhone 4S will be released by Smart soon. But then Globe also will also carry the phone. Now, it seems that it’s going to be race on which of them will get the most number of pre-orders for the iPhone 4S. And Globe got the edge right now, right after the leaked iPhone 4S pre-order page went live and out.

Now, if you’re among those who completed the sign up form on the said “page,” and you have continued the process until the part where Globe thanked you for signing up, check you email as Globe seems to be processing those “unofficial” pre-orders right now. I just got an email from a Globe Representatives asking me to submit some credentials, whether I’m getting a new line for the first time or getting another line.

The email also said that my application for the iPhone 4S is still pending and I must submit those credentials. No deadline was given. And no date was also indicated as to when the iPhone 4S will become available in Manila.

So, did anyone here got the same email from Globe? Any guesses on when Globe is releasing the iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines?

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