Philippines iPhone 4S Unboxing and First Impressions

iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines

As of last “unofficial” reports, both Smart and Globe are said to be releasing the iPhone 4S anytime in the coming couple of weeks. But of course, not all Pinoy iPhone fans had to wait for the official release of the iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines. Several of them (including myself) have used the old and tested work-around of purchasing the iPhone 4S from the Hong Kong and Singapore Apple Store.

iPhone 4S unboxing in Manila, Philippines

So I got my unit last week and have been using the iPhone 4S for several days now and here are my first impressions of the iPhone 4S.

Design – As you may have probably read by now, there’s really no difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S when it comes to design. Same width, height, weight and dimension. Same buttons, ports and all. The only difference and it’s very minor is the position of the volume up/down rocker, which makes some iPhone 4 case incompatible with the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Manila, Philippines unboxed

Features – When it comes to features, the differences between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were taken out by the release of iOS 5, except for one feature – SIRI which is for iPhone 4S only. But then some hackers and developers have been hard at work trying to make SIRI work on iPhone 4 and even iPhone 3GS and it seems that these people are making strides.

white iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines

Speaking of SIRI, yes for those who are curious to know, SIRI works in the Philippines but only for non-location based features. For instance, you can ask SIRI to wake you up, remind you of an appointment, make calls or compose SMS, play your iPhone 4S music player for a specific playlist of artists, compose and send email, reply to email and SMS and search Google and some more. Sorry folks, SIRI won’t open Facebook or Twitter for you.

And that’s just about what SIRI can do. Hopefully the location-based features will be enabled in the Philippines soon. Take note, SIRI is very specific when it comes to accent. So when speaking to SIRI make sure to put some “American accent” when you speak.

Should you buy the iPhone 4S when it comes out here in the Philippines? The answer depends. If you own an iPhone 4, you’ll be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 and keep your iPhone 4 for now. If you own and iPhone 3G or 3GS and you wanted to upgrade for so long now, the iPhone 4S is a good skip from the iPhone 4. If this is your first time to own an iPhone – the iPhone 4S is a pretty good purchase.

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  1. Ops, sorry. Forgot to mention. I ordered it from Apple Online Store Singapore, delivered to my cousin’s office in Singapore and then picked up by my wife who went there last week. 🙂

  2. When you are amongst the many people planning to down load cost-free Iphone videos, hopefully this post will probably be of some use to you personally. The Iphone’s acceptance by now would seem set to eclipse that on the Ipod. Apple cemented their location in background with all the Ipod, and by all indications appear to be they’re going to be all the more popular due to their most up-to-date breakthrough, the Iphone.

  3. Hi, it’s been a month now that we’ve been constantly checking apple store online SG. However, 4S is always UNAVAILABLE. 🙁 You’re really lucky..

    Or would you happen to know any other site where we can purchase the unit? It’s cheaper in SG that’s why we’re trying our luck.

    Hope you can give advise on other store options on buying the unit. Thanks Thanks. 🙂

  4. Dissapointing and frustrating experience with the iPhone 4s. There coor maybe some uld be a systemic problem or maybe incompatibility with the Globe network. My first brand new unit intermitently received sms andcalls even on full bar signal. It would hang and disallowed outoing sms and calls occassionally. I had it replaced after using it for a week. The replacement came 3 weeks after!!! I tried using the supposed brand new replacement unit and unfortunately experienced the same problems in lessthan 24 hours! It could not be an isolated case as I share the same experiences with a colleague 🙁 sigh… So now, i wait for the 2nd replacement unit but not excited at all.

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