Smart to Offer iPhone 4S Before the Year Ends

Since Globe has lost its exclusive rights to distribute the iPhone and iPad in the Philippines this year, I really expected Smart Telecoms to step right into the circle. And so the company did. has just reported that Smart will be making the iPhone 4S  available to, take note of this – “its premium subscribers.” That means the Infinity plan holders. Monthly Service Fee for this premium postpaid plan I believe is PHp 5,000? Or Smart may also release the iPhone 4S through its current Unli Data Plans costing from Php 2,000 to Php 3,500 with minimum cash-out.

But the report said that this will just be the initial strategy. Hopefully, Smart will rethink about this and release the iPhone 4S under its more affordable plan or even on a pre-paid scheme. Anyway, release date is said to be end of this year. So you might want to hold up your plans of scoring the iPhone 4S through various means, for now.

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