How to Get the iPhone 4S If You’re in Manila

It’s almost half-way through November and the streets of Manila are still not showing any signs of official release of the iPhone 4S by Globe. In fact, Globe has been quite ever since the iPhone 4S was launched and released in the U.S. and other countries including Singapore and Hong Kong.

So, when should we expect the iPhone 4S to become available in Manila, Philippines? According to some reliable sources, Globe may release the iPhone 4S by December 14, 2011. That’s more than a month from now. But still, this is a rumor and barring official announcement from Globe, we should take the iPhone 4S release date in Manila with a gran of salt.

Next question is, if we are not banking on Globe to have the iPhone 4S, where can we get the iPhone 4S? Of course, the quick answer would be – Greenhills. Yes, as a matter of fact, there are several units being sold in Greenhills right now. Unfortunately, you’ll probably get a cardiac arrest once you’ve found out about the price. It can go as high as Php 60K. If you don’t mind the price, go check out Theater Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center and you’ll easily find an iPhone 4S.

You might also want to check out some online forums specifically and the Marketplace of PhilMUG. There are several members in those forums who were able to source out several units of the iPhone 4S (factory unlocked) from other countries and are now selling them with reasonable mark-ups.

Your last resort is to order your iPhone 4S units from online Apple Stores in Hong Kong or Singapore. But the last time I checked, Apple Hong Kong has already sold out its pre-orders while the store in Singapore have few units left of the 64GB iPhone 4S.

So there you go. Good luck and happy iPhone 4S hunting!

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