Huawei Honor Unboxed, First Impressions That Will Last

Huawei-Honor-Android-SmartphoneI received a review unit of the Huawei Honor (U8660) a couple of days ago and I have been putting it into rigorous use since then. First introduced sometime in September, the Huawei Honor is being touted as a mid-range smartphone but with its specs and features, I will have to say that it doesn’t really belong in that category. I’ll tell you why once I finished writing a full review which I’m going to post on in the coming days.

In the meantime, here are some unboxing photos of the Huawei Honor.

The Huawei Honor U8660 box


Here are the accessories inside the Huawei Honor’s box – USB cable, earphone and adaptor plug


The 3.5mm port, power button and volume rocker

The Huawei Honor battery and white back cover

The Huawei Honor in-between the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II

My initial impressions of the Huawei Honor? Like I said, this phone should be categorized among the current crop of advanced smartphone in the market today. So far, I’m liking this phone’s form factor which is very similar to the Google Nexus One phone.

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Globe is Now Processing iPhone 4S Orders, Release in Manila Could Be Anytime Soon!


A couple of days ago, Yugatech broke the “news” that Globe seemed to have “leaked out” the pre-order page for iPhone 4S. In case you’ve been monitoring the iPhone 4S Manila news, Smart recently announced (via an interview with MVP) that the iPhone 4S will be released by Smart soon. But then Globe also will also carry the phone. Now, it seems that it’s going to be race on which of them will get the most number of pre-orders for the iPhone 4S. And Globe got the edge right now, right after the leaked iPhone 4S pre-order page went live and out.

Now, if you’re among those who completed the sign up form on the said “page,” and you have continued the process until the part where Globe thanked you for signing up, check you email as Globe seems to be processing those “unofficial” pre-orders right now. I just got an email from a Globe Representatives asking me to submit some credentials, whether I’m getting a new line for the first time or getting another line.

The email also said that my application for the iPhone 4S is still pending and I must submit those credentials. No deadline was given. And no date was also indicated as to when the iPhone 4S will become available in Manila.

So, did anyone here got the same email from Globe? Any guesses on when Globe is releasing the iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines?

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Philippines iPhone 4S Unboxing and First Impressions

iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines

As of last “unofficial” reports, both Smart and Globe are said to be releasing the iPhone 4S anytime in the coming couple of weeks. But of course, not all Pinoy iPhone fans had to wait for the official release of the iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines. Several of them (including myself) have used the old and tested work-around of purchasing the iPhone 4S from the Hong Kong and Singapore Apple Store.

iPhone 4S unboxing in Manila, Philippines

So I got my unit last week and have been using the iPhone 4S for several days now and here are my first impressions of the iPhone 4S.

Design – As you may have probably read by now, there’s really no difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S when it comes to design. Same width, height, weight and dimension. Same buttons, ports and all. The only difference and it’s very minor is the position of the volume up/down rocker, which makes some iPhone 4 case incompatible with the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Manila, Philippines unboxed

Features – When it comes to features, the differences between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were taken out by the release of iOS 5, except for one feature – SIRI which is for iPhone 4S only. But then some hackers and developers have been hard at work trying to make SIRI work on iPhone 4 and even iPhone 3GS and it seems that these people are making strides.

white iPhone 4S in Manila, Philippines

Speaking of SIRI, yes for those who are curious to know, SIRI works in the Philippines but only for non-location based features. For instance, you can ask SIRI to wake you up, remind you of an appointment, make calls or compose SMS, play your iPhone 4S music player for a specific playlist of artists, compose and send email, reply to email and SMS and search Google and some more. Sorry folks, SIRI won’t open Facebook or Twitter for you.

And that’s just about what SIRI can do. Hopefully the location-based features will be enabled in the Philippines soon. Take note, SIRI is very specific when it comes to accent. So when speaking to SIRI make sure to put some “American accent” when you speak.

Should you buy the iPhone 4S when it comes out here in the Philippines? The answer depends. If you own an iPhone 4, you’ll be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 and keep your iPhone 4 for now. If you own and iPhone 3G or 3GS and you wanted to upgrade for so long now, the iPhone 4S is a good skip from the iPhone 4. If this is your first time to own an iPhone – the iPhone 4S is a pretty good purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Now Available for Pre-Order

As previously announced, the Samsung Galaxy Note reservation page is now active. This means that you can now reserve a Galaxy Note by heading to this link, enter some of your personal details and choose whether you want to get the Galaxy Note unlocked or via Smart Unli Plan 2000. The factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note will set you back for Php 33,000 up front which the Smart Unli Plan will not cost you any cash out.

After reserving your unit, wait for an email confirmation which you need to bring upon claiming your Samsung Galaxy Note.

So, there good luck folks!

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Samsung Galaxy Note Release Date, Pricing and How to Get It in Manila

Samsung Philippines’ Facebook page has just put out some release information about the Samsung Galaxy Note. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note is finally arriving on November 15. The price? – a whooping Php 35,995. I learned that there will be few units available of this pretty exciting device. The good news is that Samsung is giving  us a chance to be among the first few to own the Galaxy Note. This can done through a special online offer that will start on November 15, 2011.

Take note, this will an an online only offer. So you better mark the date. And guess what? Samsung is slashing Php 2,000 off the suggested retail price for those who will be able to order it online. This offer comes with a free flip cover valued at Php 1,450 and a free 45-day subscription of Philippine Daily Inquirer Digital Edition. This offer is valued at Php 1,200.

Or you can also opt to get the Samsung Galaxy Note by availing of Smart Postpaid Plan 2000. This comes with a one month free service fee and also the flip cover.

And now the most important information of all -> bookmark this site and be sure to check it out on October 15, 2011.

Good luck, guys!

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Smart to Offer iPhone 4S Before the Year Ends

Since Globe has lost its exclusive rights to distribute the iPhone and iPad in the Philippines this year, I really expected Smart Telecoms to step right into the circle. And so the company did. has just reported that Smart will be making the iPhone 4S  available to, take note of this – “its premium subscribers.” That means the Infinity plan holders. Monthly Service Fee for this premium postpaid plan I believe is PHp 5,000? Or Smart may also release the iPhone 4S through its current Unli Data Plans costing from Php 2,000 to Php 3,500 with minimum cash-out.

But the report said that this will just be the initial strategy. Hopefully, Smart will rethink about this and release the iPhone 4S under its more affordable plan or even on a pre-paid scheme. Anyway, release date is said to be end of this year. So you might want to hold up your plans of scoring the iPhone 4S through various means, for now.

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How to Get the iPhone 4S If You’re in Manila

It’s almost half-way through November and the streets of Manila are still not showing any signs of official release of the iPhone 4S by Globe. In fact, Globe has been quite ever since the iPhone 4S was launched and released in the U.S. and other countries including Singapore and Hong Kong.

So, when should we expect the iPhone 4S to become available in Manila, Philippines? According to some reliable sources, Globe may release the iPhone 4S by December 14, 2011. That’s more than a month from now. But still, this is a rumor and barring official announcement from Globe, we should take the iPhone 4S release date in Manila with a gran of salt.

Next question is, if we are not banking on Globe to have the iPhone 4S, where can we get the iPhone 4S? Of course, the quick answer would be – Greenhills. Yes, as a matter of fact, there are several units being sold in Greenhills right now. Unfortunately, you’ll probably get a cardiac arrest once you’ve found out about the price. It can go as high as Php 60K. If you don’t mind the price, go check out Theater Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center and you’ll easily find an iPhone 4S.

You might also want to check out some online forums specifically and the Marketplace of PhilMUG. There are several members in those forums who were able to source out several units of the iPhone 4S (factory unlocked) from other countries and are now selling them with reasonable mark-ups.

Your last resort is to order your iPhone 4S units from online Apple Stores in Hong Kong or Singapore. But the last time I checked, Apple Hong Kong has already sold out its pre-orders while the store in Singapore have few units left of the 64GB iPhone 4S.

So there you go. Good luck and happy iPhone 4S hunting!

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Samsung Galaxy Note Available Now in the Philippines

samsung galaxy note in manila, philippines

Have you been planning to get the Samsung Galaxy Note since it was announced by Samsung? Well, if you do, you’ll be glad to know that the said Samsung tablet/phone hybrid device can now be yours, if you’re willing to spend around Php 36,400. The Samsung Galaxy Note is now available from online store Widget City Philippines. Yes, you read it right, the Samsung Galaxy Note will costs you more than to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which I think retails for around Php 26,000. A little overpriced? Well, it’s an “unofficial unit” probably sourced out by Widget City from other countries where it is already available.

So, if you’re will to pay that much for this shiny, new Samsung device, check out Widget City, or check out this video demo first to convince yourself that the Samsung Galaxy Note is one heck of a gadget to have.

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