Square Designative Aluminum Metal Plate Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

I recently received two cases for the Samsung Galaxy S2 from a Korean company named, Square Designative. The case is called the Hybrid Layered Series Galaxy S2 case and it’s available from Square Designative’s official international distributor, www.astrobile.com for USD$28.80 (less than 1,200 PHP). They deliver anywhere in Asia including the Philippines. And the good thing about this is that customs won’t charge you that much since the case is weighs lesser than the maximum weight before international package gets taxed by the Philippines Customs.

Anyway, I’ve bee using one of the cases for quite some time now and I could say that I’m pretty much satisfied with it. The Hybrid Layered series case is made of TPU, reinforced by aluminum metal plate accented by specific colors. I like the white and blue combination of this case.

The metal plate of the case serves not only serve as additional protection for your Samsung Galaxy S II but also for the TPU case as well. It also makes the case more stylish. Another thing that I like about this Samsung Galaxy S2 case is the fact that it doesn’t add too much bulk to the thin form factor of the SGS 2. Considering the fact that it is made of two materials.

If you’re looking for a nice, stylish case to hold and protect your beloved Samsung Galaxy  S2, you might want to consider getting one of Square Designative’s Hybrid Layered Series case. Available colors include, blue plate on white TPU, red on black and other designs.

Thanks Square Designative for the cases!

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