TrafficDito iPhone App Uses the Power of the Crowd for Traffic Monitoring

I was recently contacted by the developers of this new iPhone app called TrafficDito and I was supposed to make a preview post but I couldn’t install the beta version of the app on my iPhone 4 so I waited until the app was ready for download from the App Store. And so it was released a couple of days ago and I finally got to see the app.

Similar to the MMDA iPhone app, TrafficDito is also a traffic monitoring app. But unlike, the MMDA app, TrafficDito relies on inputs from users for monitoring traffic conditions. Yes, it doesn’t have the same traffic monitoring system as the MMDA app, but you’ll find it most useful for side-streets and major thoroughfares not covered by the MMDA app.

TrafficDito is well organized and designed as well. But its usefulness will solely depend on the validity of the traffic conditions of posted by users. Anybody who has the app installed on their iPhone or who’ll register from the site can post traffic updates. How accurate those traffic updates are depends on one’s discretion I guess.

Check out TrafficDito from the App Store now and see for yourself if it can help you in traversing the Metro.

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