New iPod Nano with Cute Clock Faces Available Now

iPod Nano Clock Faces

Apple has also announced an upgraded version of the iPod Nano 2011 model. Specifically, the new iPod Nano now sports a better interface, more fitness features and new clock faces. Design-wise, it’s basically the same iPod Nano of 2010. The upgrade is more on the music players system preferences. The most glaring new feature of the iPod Nano is of course the clock faces. If you’re one of those who have bought those wrist straps that lets you attached your iPod Nano, the clock faces aims to adapt to the design of those wrist straps. There are 12 clock faces all and all and you can easily switch from one clock face.

The new iPod Nano is available now from the Apple Store (Philippines) starting from ? 7,490.00.

*Note – for those who own the 2010 iPod Nano, a software update is being pushed now from iTunes, so you might want to sync up your iPod Nano to get a feel of the new interface.

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