Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region’s best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

If I remember it correctly, I also joined this contest wherein you can win a blogger invite to the event. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky that time so I wasn’t able to win the invite. I’m trying my luck again. Hopefully this time, Nuffnang will select my entry and grant me the exclusive invite to attend the blog awards ceremony on December 16, 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I want to attend the said event and I could name three reasons why.

Top 3 Reasons Why I want to Attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011.

1.) I’ve been a blogger for several years now, in fact I can’t remember anymore when I started blogging. Right now I own several blog catering to different niches. There’s my running blog, my travel blog, my food blog, my kindle blog, my Android blog, and of course this tech blog which also happens to be the oldest among my blogs.

2.) I want to meet my fellow Asian bloggers. Learn from their experiences, meet new friends, and broaden my blogging horizons. The end goal being to help myself become a better blogger with voice and advocacy.

3.) I used to run Nuffnang ads on this blog and on my travel blog as well. In fact, I’ve earned a couple of hundreds from those blogs which I never get to withdraw because the revenue didn’t meet the withdrawal threshold by Nuffnang. That’s when I decided to pull out the ads. So, Nuffnang, you owe and you can repay by giving me the invite. ;-).

There you go. The top 3 reasons why I want to attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards. Hopefully, the Nuffnang people will be kind enough to grant me much the coveted invite.

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Square Designative Aluminum Metal Plate Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

I recently received two cases for the Samsung Galaxy S2 from a Korean company named, Square Designative. The case is called the Hybrid Layered Series Galaxy S2 case and it’s available from Square Designative’s official international distributor, for USD$28.80 (less than 1,200 PHP). They deliver anywhere in Asia including the Philippines. And the good thing about this is that customs won’t charge you that much since the case is weighs lesser than the maximum weight before international package gets taxed by the Philippines Customs.

Anyway, I’ve bee using one of the cases for quite some time now and I could say that I’m pretty much satisfied with it. The Hybrid Layered series case is made of TPU, reinforced by aluminum metal plate accented by specific colors. I like the white and blue combination of this case.

The metal plate of the case serves not only serve as additional protection for your Samsung Galaxy S II but also for the TPU case as well. It also makes the case more stylish. Another thing that I like about this Samsung Galaxy S2 case is the fact that it doesn’t add too much bulk to the thin form factor of the SGS 2. Considering the fact that it is made of two materials.

If you’re looking for a nice, stylish case to hold and protect your beloved Samsung Galaxy  S2, you might want to consider getting one of Square Designative’s Hybrid Layered Series case. Available colors include, blue plate on white TPU, red on black and other designs.

Thanks Square Designative for the cases!

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TrafficDito iPhone App Uses the Power of the Crowd for Traffic Monitoring

I was recently contacted by the developers of this new iPhone app called TrafficDito and I was supposed to make a preview post but I couldn’t install the beta version of the app on my iPhone 4 so I waited until the app was ready for download from the App Store. And so it was released a couple of days ago and I finally got to see the app.

Similar to the MMDA iPhone app, TrafficDito is also a traffic monitoring app. But unlike, the MMDA app, TrafficDito relies on inputs from users for monitoring traffic conditions. Yes, it doesn’t have the same traffic monitoring system as the MMDA app, but you’ll find it most useful for side-streets and major thoroughfares not covered by the MMDA app.

TrafficDito is well organized and designed as well. But its usefulness will solely depend on the validity of the traffic conditions of posted by users. Anybody who has the app installed on their iPhone or who’ll register from the site can post traffic updates. How accurate those traffic updates are depends on one’s discretion I guess.

Check out TrafficDito from the App Store now and see for yourself if it can help you in traversing the Metro.

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Nokia Launches the Lumia 800 Windows Phone Device

Well, here you go folks. Nokia just presented one of its two Windows Phone devices under the Lumia series. First of these two smartphones is the Nokia Lumia 800. By the looks department, it’s identical to the Nokia N9 which is powered by Meego OS. But under the hood, the Nokia Lumia 800 definitely packs more punches than the N9.

Specs of the Nokia Lumia 800

  • Networks: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100, GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • Speed: HSDPA cat 10: 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA cat 6: 5.76 Mbps
  • Display: 3.7” WVGA (800×480) AMOLED capacitive touch ClearBlack display with pinch zoom, 2.5D curved glass seamlessly integrated to unibody
  • OS: Windows Phone Release – Mango
  • Memory: 16GB internal user memory, 512MB program memory
  • Camera: 8Mpix auto-focus Carl Zeiss, LED flash,Video capturing MPEG-4 720p @ 30 fps
  • Size/Weight: 116.5 mm x 61.2 mm x 12.1 mm (LxWxT) / 76.08 cc / 142 g
  • Connectivity: WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, micro-USB connector and charging, 3.5mm AHJ connector, Accelerometer, Proximity, Magnetometer, ALS
  • Processor: 1.4 Ghz Single Core MSM8255 (WCDMA)
  • Audio: MP3 player, Audio jack: 3.5mm, Supported codecs: mp3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, m42, m4b, wma, EVRC, QCELP
  • Battery: 1450 mAh
  •  Talk time: (GSM/WCDMA) up to 13 h/9.5h
  • Standby time: (GSM/WCDMA) up to 265h/up to 335 h
  • Music playback: up to 55 hours

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Win an iPhone 4S with Best Mobile Contracts

Note: This is a guest post to promote the Best Mobile Contracts’ contest that gives UK residents a chance to win an iPhone 4S. If in case you’re from the UK, you might want to check out contest. For those in Manila, Philippines, you might want to read the whole article to get a glimpse at what you should expect from iPhone 4S. 

There are so many new smartphones entering the market, you can’t help wondering which, if any, will genuinely change the way in which we communicate. This in turn raises another query: do we need a new way to communicate?

Necessity doesn’t really come into it, of course. Functionality and gimmickry are often quarrelsome bedfellows. You need only consider how poor the batteries of modern phones are, or the fact that signals drop out for no apparent reason to appreciate that a phone doing what it’s supposed to do is quite rare. Who cares if you can’t make an urgent phonecall because your signal is prone to randomly dropping out? All that matters is knowing you can use speech-to-text dictation to post a Tweet about how bored you are.

The iPhone 4S is the latest smartphone to generously proffer a brace of features we previously didn’t know we always wanted. Its Siri Assistant means we can now hold a conversation with our phone, or ask it questions at the very least. Ask it ‘Is it going to rain today?’ and it will check the weather reports. Bark at it to set a reminder for your dental appointment and it will accede like an unpaid underling.

Does this sound like something you need in your everyday life? Not really. We can already check the weather, in seconds, by logging onto the web browser on our phone. We can get directions by using Google Maps. In fact, every question we pose to Siri we can find the answer to ourselves; it may just take us a few seconds longer.

So who needs Siri? Does anyone? Certainly it seems like we will never again have to ask another stranger for the time or directions, such is the informational rocket in our pocket. Dialogue with strangers is, for all intents and purposes, extinct. Dialogue with our CPU-brained device is the future.

A final word on Siri; early reports indicate our assistant is somewhat incompetent at offering local information, crafted as it is for the American market. Seemingly this is down to Apple not committing to deals with domestic providers (Yellow Pages, for example). Ask it to direct you to Aberdeen and you end up bound for the town’s Washington doppelganger.

Perhaps this is an unnecessarily cynical outlook to adopt. Siri is cool, right? A few weeks ago voice-recognition software didn’t enter our minds, but now we can’t live without it. What can’t be disputed is that its inclusion in the fifth-gen iPhone will drive sales like nothing before. Having a phone you can’t talk to will be, like, so prehistoric.

It’s not just Siri we want, but may not need. Now we have access to an iCloud, to store our data, apps and music. No longer do we need hard-drives or pen drives. We have a ‘glossary’ so we can provide our own text abbreviations (another service we didn’t previously realise we needed), and a new operating system. Apple is veritably spoiling us this haul of superfluous essentials. Sure, we may not need most of it, but like the fools that we are, you know we’re gonna go out there and buy the 4S anyway. After all, who uses phones with five megapixel cameras anymore?

If you are still unsure about whether to splash out a large sum of cash on the iPhone 4S you could always try your luck at winning one for free with Best Mobile Contracts’ phone competition. The competition is free and simple to enter, you just need to visit the competition page and answer one simple question. The competition closes on November 15th when you may be the lucky winner receiving a free iPhone 4S in the post.

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Apple Online Store in Singapore Has Sold Out iPhone 4S in Just One Day?

I was supposed to post this last Saturday but since I was in Nasugbu Batangas where there was no stable Wi-Fi and 3G network, I couldn’t make a decent post. Anyway, somebody from Philmug forum noticed that the Apple Online Store in Singapore seemed to have ran out of iPhone 4S stocks. That’s because he was trying to pre-order but the “order” button was not present anymore. Does that mean the the store has already sold out its initial stocks of iPhone 4S even before the October 28 official release?

I wonder how many of those who ordered the iPhone 4S from the Apple Online Store in Singapore are Manila based? There were quite a number of Philmug members who said they have pre-ordered their iPhone 4S. Incidentally, if you were lucky enough to have your order placed, expect to have your iPhone 4S shipped to your Singapore address between November 1 to 10.

Now, let’s wait if the Apple Online Store in Singapore will accept orders of the iPhone 4S again on October 28.

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Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S Available Now from Apple Singapore Store

iphone 4s manila, philippines

Can’t wait for Globe to release the iPhone 4S (which we heard won’t be happening until early 2012) ? You might want to check out the Apple Online Store in Singapore which just started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4S. The good thing about iPhone 4S bought in Singapore is that it comes out of the box – factory unlocked! Which means that you can use it right away with a Globe or Smart micro-SIM.

So, how can you purchase the iPhone 4S from Apple Store Singapore if you’re in Manila? Well, you just need to contact a friend or relative residing in Singapore and ask them if they can receive your iPhone 4S for you. The good news here is that you can use your Philippine issued credit card to purchase the iPhone 4S in Singapore.

So, what about billing address? Don’t worry, based on my previous experience when I bought the iPhone 4 in the Singapore Apple Store, they accepted the shipping address I indicated as the billing address.

Go ahead and try it out. You might get lucky. Apple Store in Singapore indicates 1-2 weeks shipping time. So, if you order now, you might get your iPhone 4S first week of November. Good luck!


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Google Enables Driving Directions in Google Maps for Mobile in the Philippines


Learned from Yugatech that Google has quietly rolled out driving directions on Google Maps for mobile in the Philippines. I quickly checked it out and indeed, it was already enabled. I don’t recall my SGS II prompting me that Google Maps Android app was updated, so I guess it doesn’t require an update to bring out the features. In case you’re not aware, driving directions on Google Maps is a pretty useful tool for finding your way to different location.  All you need to do is to enter an end point and the app automatically enters your current location as the starting point. Once you’ve selected the starting and ending points, Google Maps for mobile will give you a route map (for iPhone users) and  also driving directions or route map (for Android phones).

The driving directions given to me was pretty accurate when I enter my office location and asked for driving directions going to my residence location. The app recognizes all major roads as well as minor streets along the way.

What’s more, when you’re using the Route Map and your phone’s GPS is enabled, the Map itself can serve as a GPS device. You can see yourself as a small red dot moving along the “blue” route as you follow the driving directions.

It’s pretty neat so check it out Google Maps on your Android phone or iPhone.

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Say Goodbye to iOS 4, Welcome iOS 5!

iOS 5 ManilaIn case you were sleeping so soundly last night, you might have missed the news that iOS 5 is now out there in the open, waiting for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Yes, mga kababayan, it’s our favorite time of the year again, Apple has released the much awaited – iOS 5. Fire up your iTunes, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, grab a cup of coffee and bread or something, do your morning chores and hope that PLDT myDSL or whatever Internet provider that you are using at home don’t choke up. In time, you’ll have your iDevices running the best iOS version to date.

If you have no idea what to expect from iOS 5, you better this comprehensive guide and screenshot tour :-).

Good luck and have fun!

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Facebook for is iPad Finally Out, Looks Great!

Finally, after several months of waiting, Facebook has officially released its much awaited Facebook for iPad app. The official Facebook blog has announced it and the official product page on Facebook is also live now. If you have previously installed the Facebook iPhone app on your iPad, you’ll see the iPad app as an update. Tap on the update button and your existing installation will be updated into the iPad version.

Here’s the Facebook for iPad News Feed view

Facebook for iPad Notifications tab

Facebook for iPad Profile view

Facebook for iPad photo gallery

Facebook for iPad update status


Overall, the long wait is truly worth it. Facebook has successfully created an iPad app that essentially captured all the things that you’ll look for in a mobile version of

Get Facebook for iPad now, folks!


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