MacBook Air 13 (Mid-2011) Review (Philippines Edition)

Since the new MacBook Air 2011 was announced, I was having sleepless nights thinking whether I should finally depart my old MacBook Pro 13 (mid-2009) and grab the new MBA 13 as a replacement. It was a hard decision not because the MBP is more powerful than the MBA but because the MBP happens to be the first Mac that I’ve ever own. It paved the way for my switch from Windows to Mac.

Fortunately for me, the MBP is not my machine right now, having recently purchased the 21-inch iMac 2011. The MBP’s role has been reduced to being a secondary machine which I bring along whenever my family go on a road trip.

To end this long introduction, I finally took the plunge and purchased the new MBA 13, put my MBP for sale. Funny thing is that while getting the new MBA 13, somebody texted me and wanted to buy the MBP right away. So, right after getting the new MBA 13 from the store I immediately met up with the buyer of my old MBP. So, it was not too painful to see my MBP finally go because I know I will be busy tinkering with my new 13-inch MBA.

So, on with my review. This is the second time I’ve owned a MacBook Air. The first one being the 11.6-inch MBA introduced in 2010. That MBA did not prove quite useful as my MBP so I had to let it go after several months. The difference is size between the 10-inch and 13-inch MBA is significant. It’s a totally different experience. When using the 10-inch MBA, I could not feel the Mac experience. It’s like using a glorified netbook.

Things are different with the 13-inch MBA. This time, aside from the light weight and thin form factor, when it comes to power, the new 13-inch MBA is as comparable as my old MBP. It’s just like making the experience a little lighter and thinner.

But of course, I’m totally wrong. After all, the new 13-inch MBA is faster and quicker than my old MBP. If you’ve read the benchmarks done by the more experienced Mac users than me, you’re probably aware that the 2011 MBA surpasses those of the even newer MBP Pro models. And yes, those benchmarks are true.

What made the 13-inch MBA even sweeter is – Lion. The Mac OS X Lion is definitely one of Apple’s best OS so far especially if you’re running it on the new generation of Macs. The processors sweetened this fact. Take note, I had prior experience using the Lion on my old MBP prior to selling it. I also have Lion on my iMac. Both the experience in using Lion on my iMac and my new MBA are better than the experience I had with Lion running on my old MBP.

Apps loads quicker, screen navigation is swifter and yes, boot up is faster than the old MBP Pro although a bit slower than the 10-inch MBA.

As you may have noticed, this review is not giving any specifics, right? That’s because I don’t want to bore you with technicalities about the MBA 2011. You can get that from other reviews or if you want complete details about the new MBA 2011, you might as well check out Apple’s site.

What I’m trying to prove here is that the new MBA 2011 is simply another great product from Apple. Apple has completely transformed the MBA from a product of beauty to a really more useful, functional and dependable computing machine.

And you’ll even get a bonus feature which was revived by Apple – back-lit keyboard. What more can you ask for?

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