Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GT170 aka Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Review

Quite honestly, it’s a bit difficult to categorize the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0. It lies in-between being a smartphone and a tablet. Is it a mobile internet device? a portable media player? or a mini tablet, if ever there is such a thing. For now, let’s just take this as a media player which is how Samsung is marketing the device. The closest device available in the market right now to the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 is the Dell Streak 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 as you might have guessed by now sports a 5-inch form factor, making it smaller than the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and slightly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S II.

When it comes to design, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 sports a solid build with its glossy polymer back part. The back part’s white color gives this device a classy look which attracts attention from people who sees it.

Upfront is a 5-inch display which is bigger than the SGS II’s screen display and the usual black frame surrounding the screen. On the upper part of the screen is the speakers and the VGA front-facing camera. While on the lower part of the screen is the physical home button, in-between the back and settings controls. If you’re familiar with the SGS II, it’s practically the same screen display, only this time, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is wider and bigger.

The Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 has a WVGA, multi-touch Super Clear LCD with 800×480 resolution. It’s not Super AMOLED Plus like the SGS II, I know. But you’ll understand why once you’ve learned that this device is relatively cheaper. The display is bearable when you used the device in direct sunlight, just like the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The device runs the stock Android 2.2.1 Froyo. No words yet on whether Samsung is planning to release an update pack for Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I’m guessing that Samsung won’t bother updating it anymore since it was not as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S II. Still, if you don’t mind using Android 2.2 despite knowing the fact that there is Gingerbread, you’ll appreciate how Froyo performs on the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0’s 1GHz processor. Anyway, you’ll still get a load of default Google Apps with it including GTalk, Gmail, Android Market, Google Search and more.

As I mentioned, Samsung is marketing this device more of as a media player, along the lines of the iPod Touch. So to make the sound quality delivered by the device, Samsung employed the Sound Alive technology. The result comes off impressive especially with the presence of variable sound presets that you can use when listening to different music genres. Of course, the device comes with a default music player which is pretty decent and can compete with third-party Android music players in terms of features and interface. The Music Player displays thumbnails of your music albums whenever present. What it lacks though is the cool scrolling feature of the iPod Touch when browsing for music using the album thumbnails. But, it’s a minor letdown and you can remedy this by installing other music player apps of your liking.

The Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi features a 3.2MP camera that can take decent-quality photos (see sample shots below). It’s not as powerful as the 8MP of the Samsung Galaxy S II, and the 5MP camera of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but it can record 720p HD videos and play them as well. It supports various movie file formats including MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, ASF, MKV, and FLV. The device also has a VGA front-facing camera which is good enough for Video Calls.

For storing media, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 gives you 8GB/16GB options. That’s not enough if you’re going to use this device as your primary portable media player. The good news is that it has a microSD card slot. So, you can just opt to spare around 3K to get a decent quality 32GB microSD card.

For gaming purposes, the device’s graphics and speed won’t disappoint you. Graphics-heavy Android games will play well on the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0. This is good news since, its size makes this device a pretty good portable gaming device, unlike its bigger brothers – the 7-inch Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I have yet to test this device’s battery life to find out whether Samsung’s claim of 60 hours audio and 8 hours of video is really true. Will validate it once I’ve loaded some movies this weekend.

Overall, I’m pretty much satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 as a portable media device. The browsing capability is an added bonus plus several others functions that the device will let you do (e-reader, notetakes, diary, etc.). For its price point (available locally for Php 12,990.00), it’s a pretty good device to spend on. What you’ll like about this device is that despite its price, it doesn’t look cheap at all. On the contrary, it looks classy and elegant.

Too bad, Samsung is not marketing this device properly. It could very well compete with the iPod Touch if given the right attention by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is available now locally. I just checked out the stores in SM Megamall Cyberzone and almost all have it on display.

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  1. @bourbonic – last time I checked, there’s none available locally yet. Your best bet will probably be in Greenhills. But as far as the mall shops are concerned, I haven’t seen a single accessory for this Samsung device.

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